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12 Pet Options – Which is Less Likely to Eat Your Child?

By Michael Schmid |

Pet GoldfishThe day we’ve been dreading finally came. No, I don’t mean Income Tax Day; though if you’ve not gotten yours done, stop reading this now and go finish them. You’ve only got a few more hours.

Today our 3 year-old asked for a pet. My wife didn’t realize that’s what she was doing at first. She’d asked for a goldfish, and when my wife returned with a bag of cheesy crackers our daughter burst into tears.

What she wanted, of course, was a real goldfish. The kind you keep in a bowl, overfeed and flush down the toilet. Hoping I could defuse the situation, or perhaps just to pass the buck, my wife put her on the phone with me.

Like any good parent, I stalled, and told her we’d talk about it when I got home. In the mean time I’ve been doing some research, and here are some pretty cool options I’ve found; some admittedly are a bit exotic. Which do you think we should get?nggallery id=’127668′

12 Exotic Pets - Which is Less Likely to Eat Your Child?

Bunny Rabbit

What better time to get a rabbit as a pet? All those parents that bought one for their kids at Easter are realizing their mistake right about now. Seriously, it's a buyers market out there. Oh, tell your kids not to eat the raisins in the bunny's cage.
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Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid is founder & editor of A Daddy Blog, and shares a home in Dallas with his beautiful bride and their 4 year old girl. He blogs about fatherhood, social media, technology, coffee, cars & cuddles. He contributed to the Dad channel at Babble.

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4 thoughts on “12 Pet Options – Which is Less Likely to Eat Your Child?

  1. MissMOE says:

    Stick with a gold fish the first time around! Trust me you can replace the goldfish in the middle of the night if needed a lot easier than any of your other choices!

  2. Jennifer says:

    You know they have these electronic fake fish that swim around in the water. Maybe you could stall a bit longer? My goldfish experience – when my daughter was 3 she won a goldfish at the fair, perfect I thought, it will die in a week and I will be off the hook for up keep! Not so much, the dang fish lived for what felt like FOREVER! We had to buy a bigger tank for it and it grew to be about 3 inches long and big and fat. I hated cleaning that tank the entire time we had the fish. :) But my daughter loved her fish… When he died she asked if we could eat him now.

  3. MissMoe, I think you’re right. Let’s start small. Maybe even an electronic fake fish? :)
    Jennifer, thank you! You made me literally laugh out loud at the end of your goldfish story. Never saw that coming! ;)

  4. Xiomara Maldonado - Equis' Place says:

    Jennifer, I’m amazed at how long the goldfish lasted! You must have taken very good care of him because I remember all of my childhood goldfishes dying quickly, usually from overfeeding. We buried them in the playground behind our building and held memorials for them. P.S. Your daughter sounds like a character!

    Michael, I’m terrified of the day my son asks for a pet. Here are my thoughts on your suggestions: 1) Rabbit: I remember the class pet rabbit being a tad stinky in elementary school and it being difficult to catch when he escaped, but carrots are always fun! 2) Chameleon: my sister and I once drowned our pet gecko. I’d suggest preventing such a horrific death by preemptively explaining that lizards don’t need baths. 3) Cat: I’m also allergic as is everyone in my family; but they are fascinating creatures with great tight rope skills. 4) Snake: these reptiles creep me out, as cool as they are…eating mice whole! 5) Hamster: my sister and I LOVED our hamster(s), but I remember them being as stinky as the rabbit; 6) Goldfish: see above; 7) Guinea Pig: see Rabbit and Hamster Re: Foul-smelling; 8) Iguana: I thought the iguana with a black and white tail wandering the beach in Bermuda was much cooler than the ones I saw stuck in plastic boxes; 9) Ferret: See Foul-smelling, except 10x worse – also illegal in some places, I think; 10) Hermit Crab: all I’m seeing are empty shells on sand; 11) Wolf-dog: these guys are gorgeous; 12) Pig: If I could have a pig, I’d look for Wilbur; 13) Dog: Dogs are so much fun when they’re not pooping or vomiting or dying. They do require a lot of work. It’s amazing how much love I have for my parents’ standard Yorkie – except for that time I woke up to see her chewing my glasses apart.

    So if I had to choose one to start off with, I think a goldfish might be the best idea… they are not as much work as the others and perhaps your daughter can learn a bit more responsibility with having to adhere to a feeding schedule. How exciting!

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