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14 Reasons Why My Kids Are Smarter Than Congress

By Ron Mattocks |

In a Huffington Post article, it was reported that Congress’s approval rating was now lower than porn, polygamy, and the BP oil spill. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, given our elected official’s track record. You think that that Senators and House Representatives would be a smart, savvy bunch given what’s been entrusted to them, but sadly, that’s not the case. In fact, if Congress and my kids were to engage in an intelligence contest, my kids would have to take out their brains to make sure it was a fair fight. Here’s 14 reasons why:



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14 Reasons Why Kids Are Smarter Than Congressman

My Kids Know How to Pick Good Friends

A federal grand jury in Arizona indicted three-term Republican Congressman Rick Renzi and two of his business associates on charges that include wire fraud, money laundering, insurance fraud and extortion. Hey Rick, didn't your parents ever tell you not to hang with the wrong crowd?

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Ron Mattocks

Ron Mattocks is a freelance writer, author of Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can’t Afford Vodka, and a father of five. In 2007, Mattocks started Clark Kent’s Lunchbox, which landed him in Babble's Top 50 Dad Bloggers list in 2011. Mattocks was a regular contributor to Babble, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Open Salon and a number of other publications.

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9 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why My Kids Are Smarter Than Congress

  1. Elliot says:

    The difference is that your kids don’t get rewards for ethics violations or have a million people breathing done their neck. Essentially, kids generally are idealists: they’re not “smarter” than Congress; they just see greater rewards than green paper with numbers and a face.

  2. Celeste says:

    Eh, the kids ARE smarter – because they know money isn’t everything. Plus, when my 15 year old watches the news and is able to roll his eyes at what congress is saying/doing…and then make intelligent reasoning on why it isn’t a good idea – I’m pretty sure that makes kids one up on on congress. And, I should add – he’s been able to outsmart them for years…lol.
    (Also – at my house – it only got better after Weiner’s situation, Bohner made the news…we couldn’t watch the news at all for awhile! haha)

  3. Sentina says:

    The HPV vaccine may or may not be related to mental retardation, but it has caused deaths, as well as sickness called, if I remember right, the post-Gardasil syndrome. You can easily find well documented information about this at and, as well as several other reputable health sites that document their information and do not spout support for AMA/FDA so-called health practices that are actually either ineffective, dangerous, or both.

  4. Sentina says:

    Also, Rep. Michele Bachmann is the only public figure that has had the courage to speak out about the dangers of Gardasil. Just because you say it is FICTION doesn’t mean that YOU, the writer of this piece, can tell fact from fiction. FACT.

  5. Sentina says:

    “Naughty parts”? Is this is what you are teaching your children about the beautiful bodies they are born with?

  6. sharon walker says:

    Dear Friends:
    Is it because they are watching live! Woman and military pushing up their boobs for the thrill of it!

    Oh they want some too and the President is the Chief of Staff! Ok Chief!
    Sovereignty Nations and Native Americans, you too serve respectively in the military! Revelree! The nursing ones walk out with their boobs out and pumps or babies hanging on them. Hey! Revelery more often than normal? Could be! Who is coming in to report! The Press! Take a picture it lasts longer!

    Dear Friends:
    What a career in the reer! Respect! Military, world impression, respectful to woman, wife, mother, and the uniform. Dismiss them, let them go home and take care of their babies.
    Our tax dollars are not out here to send the wrong impression or message to the world about our military, or other. These were also seen by children across the USA. Men are taken to court at the expense of tax dollars for less than this. Our military expenses are not for pushing your boobs together or a job. Are they selling their milk? How much? A peep show for the other military? Then the men get taken to court or dismissed and charged with rape. do you feel these two woman deserved this a public prize. Some woman for indecent exposure or prostitution would get put in jail or stoned in some countries. Then we send our military to the front line or these countries. Get them out and off and charge with public indecent exposure. Tits or teets! Save it for your husband and in the privacy of a closed door to a room and protect your babies. These children will forever be labeled as those that were sucking on these tits and public for the thrill of it.

  7. someone says:

    For another smart kid move–check out the blogspot for NeverSeconds by a kid who documented her school lunch to get it changed!

  8. Neil Kahn says:

    ‘Here ARE 14 reasons why’…or ‘Here’re 14 reasons why’…you’re not too smart yourself, Mattocks.

  9. Justs Seagull says:

    I think a squirrel would be smarter than Congress

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