17 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Christmas List for Dads

I stumble on all kinds of products and trips and ideas throughout the year that cause me to think, I wish I could have that or I wish I could do that. Things like really expensive TVs and trips around the world, but, fortunately, the realist in me steps forward with a not-so-subtle reminder that those things are extreme wants and not even slight needs. That’s the same attitude I take each year when my wife asks me what I want for Christmas — the realist in me wins out and my Christmas list remains somewhat modest.

What if I could give my wife a real Christmas list filled with wishes for the most extravagant of things? What if Dads could get anything they wanted for Christmas this year, what would be on that list? If there’s anything I’ve learned while doing this blogging thing, it’s that all Dads are different and they all have different likes and dislikes, but I know what I would want on an ultimate Christmas list and I’m pretty sure my dad would want the same.

Here are 17 gift ideas for the ultimate Christmas list for Dads:

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  • Sting Ray Corvette 2 of 18

    I grew up dreaming about a classic Sting Ray Corvette, except Chevy took Corvette in a weird direction. But then recently, they re-introduced the Sting Ray Corvette. The 2009 concept Sting Ray Corvette is an incredible looking car and it would definitely make my ultimate Christmas list. It would only run Casey about $50,000 to get me one for Christmas. No big deal, right?

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • The Greatest TV In All The Land 3 of 18

    The first time I saw a 4K Ultra HDTV, I was in an HHGregg store just browsing around when I saw a screen that looked nothing short of fantastic. The closer I got to the TV, the better it looked. Those 4K televisions are incredible and there just happens to be an LG 84" 4K Ultra HDTV 3D available on Amazon right now. I'd take it in a second.

     Available on Amazon for $16,999

  • The Ultimate Lounging Experience 4 of 18

    I've always wanted a nice, cozy leather recliner that I can call my own where I can sit back on Sunday afternoons to enjoy a Denver Broncos football game. I actually don't need the chair to be lavish and expensive, just comfortable and leather, but if I needed the best of the best, I'd probably go for the Cozzia Shiatsu Massage Chair. This thing has more settings than my car, including something called a zero gravity setting — YES PLEASE!

    Available on Amazon for $2,299

  • Season Tickets To All My Favorite Sports 5 of 18

    My favorite past-time is attending sporting events, but I only get tickets to a few games a year. Getting season tickets to my favorite sports teams would be a must-have on my Christmas list.

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • A Custom-Built Chopper 6 of 18

    Riding a motorcycle on the highway is one of the most liberating feelings that a human being can possibly have. Multiple that liberating feeling by owning my own custom-built chopper? Well, I'm sold on adding it to my Christmas list.

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • The Ultimate At-Home Spa 7 of 18

    I've always wanted a jacuzzi that I could climb into at night for those times when my back hurts or after a long run. If I had my choice of any spa on the market, I'd go for the Luxema 8000 from SPAmbient. It has a pool on the upper level and a hot tub on the bottom level with a built in sound system and flat-panel TV.

    Available from SPAmbient, price upon request

  • A Snow Blower With Lots More Power 8 of 18

    This choice may be biased because my driveway is currently covered in about 3 inches of solid ice thanks to a recent snow storm. I didn't have enough motivation to grab my handy dandy shovel and head outside to spend the next hour shoveling the snow off my driveway. But if I had had a heavy duty snow blower like this Husqvarna 1827EXLT 27-Inch 414cc SnowKing? Oh yeah, my driveway would be pristine and bone dry through all the winter months.

    Available on Amazon for $2,399

  • And While We’re Talking Yarwork, I’d Like A Zero Turn Mower Too 9 of 18

    Mowing the lawn in the summer can be relaxing, but I can never really get myself to look forward to this errand. That's probably because there are times when it takes 3 - 5 hours just to get it done. The grass here in Indiana can grow pretty thick and very fast, leaving my push lawn mower in a massive struggle. If I had one of these Ariens Zero Turn Mowers, I'd fly through my lawn and have more time to spend with my family, right? So when you think about it, this is really a gift for everyone.

    Available at Home Depot for $4,999

  • Super Bowl 10 of 18

    I've always wanted to attend the Super Bowl, but I've also accepted that it's probably never going to happen. It's become a thing for the rich, famous, and lucky. Unfortunately, I'm none of those well, I am lucky, just not Super Bowl Lucky.  But if I could get anything on my Christmas list, I'd definitely want those Super Bowl tickets.

  • An Intense, High-Tech Sound System 11 of 18

    If I'm going to get the 4K Ultra HDTV that I previously mentioned, I'm going to have to pair it with a top-notch home theater sound system like the Bose Lifestyle 535 Home Entertainment System. I've always been blown away by the quality of sound that Bose products produce. We'd never have to go to the movies again.

    Available from Bose for $2,799.95

  • The Trip Heard Around The World 12 of 18

    National Geographic does a tour around the world by private jet. Wouldn't that would be amazing?!  The tour includes a 24 day trip to five different contents — yes, please!

    Book through National Geographic for $70,950

  • The Coziest LoveSac 13 of 18

    I've never met a LoveSac that I didn't love. Those giant bean bag chairs are perfect for watching movies or for disappearing into for a nice, cozy nap. I'd take one of those 8 foot LoveSacs as a comfortable addition to my ultimate Christmas list.

    Available through LoveSac for $1,200

  • A Rolex 14 of 18

    I've always wanted a really nice watch, but I've always viewed a really nice watch as something that is unnecessary and too extravagant. Well, that's exactly what this list is for, no? If I'm going to add a watch to the list, then it's going to be a Rolex.

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • A Shopping Trip With Tim Gunn 15 of 18

    I have to wear suits for work almost everyday, and that means I've begun to notice the difference between a high quality, good looking suit and, well, the not-so-good looking and high quality suits. I'd love to be able to go on a shopping trip with Tim Gunn where he could replace my business wardrobe and help me make it work — for free, of course.

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • FlowRider 16 of 18

    I recently went on a cruise with Royal Caribbean and they had a FlowRider on the ship. When I discovered the FlowRider, which is a type of surf-simulator, I rode the attraction until the the ship closed it down for the night. Fifteen minutes later I was on the internet searching to find out how much it would cost me to get a FlowRider of my own. The answer? Too much for me. However, for the ultimate Christmas list, a FlowRider would definitely be on that list.

    For more info on the FlowRider, click here

  • The Biggest Loser Resort 17 of 18

    I've watched a lot of The Biggest Loser, and I've always wanted to do their exercise routines. I'd love to see if I could survive The Biggest Loser challenge, and thankfully there's a private Biggest Loser Resort where people can pay to go through the challenges. Let's add an 8 week trip to my Christmas list.

    For information about the trips, click here

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • A Super Yacht 18 of 18

    When Casey and I were on a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean, we stumbled across a huge black yacht called The Serene.  Turns out the 440 foot yacht belongs to Yuri Scheffler.  Mr. Scheffler is a vodka king from Russia and his yacht is one of the biggest yachts in the world with all kinds of amenities. I would definitely take one of those fancy super yachts for my ultimate Christmas list. Do you think he'd be up for selling it?

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