5 Things I Can Enjoy Again Now That I Have Kids

I’m a kid at heart. I like to play and have fun. However, I lost some of my playful spirit after I graduated from college and started working full-time.

As a construction project manager, I had to be serious and tough. That attitude permeated every part of my life and I no longer did the things I enjoyed. I wouldn’t say that I was miserable, but I definitely felt as if something was missing from my life.

After my first child was born, I realized what I was missing—my sense of wonderment. Playing with my daughter reawakened the kid inside of me. I felt as if the chains of adulthood were released and I was free to have fun again. Watching my children play and enjoy themselves inspired me to rediscovered some of the fun things from my childhood.

Because of my kids, I’ve learned to enjoy these 5 things again:

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  • Comic Books 2 of 6
    black panther

    I spent a good portion of my childhood reading comic books. Spider-man and X-Men were my favorite series, and I amassed a collection of over 300 comic books. I lost interest in comic books after I entered college. My friends were more interested in discussing the philosophies of W.E.B. DuBois, Plato, and Public Enemy than the minute details of Peter Parker's life. I'm glad that all three of my kids enjoy comic books. Each week, we go to the comic book store to get the new releases. My kids and I can spend hours discussing comic books and comic book characters (BTW - There is no way that Batman could actually beat Superman in a fight). I recently found my childhood comic book collection and shared it with my children. It brought back so many memories. Now I can use them to create new memories with my children.

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  • Toys 3 of 6
    hot wheels cars

    I've always collected action figures, but I had to cut back because I didn't want to turn into that guy from the 40 Year Old Virgin. I had dozens of MIB (mint in box for those who aren't as geeky as I am) figures collecting dust in my closest. One day, my son discovered my stash and asked to play with them. I shooed him away and told him that those toys were not to be played with. As the words exited my mouth, I realized how ridiculous I sounded. It didn't make sense to let those toys sit in the closet when my son could have fun them. Although it pained me at first, I opened a pristine Luke Cage figure and gave it to my son. Now my kids and I create epic action figure battles and have fun playing with our toys.

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  • Playgrounds 4 of 6

    As a child, I would ride my bike to the park and spend hours swinging, sliding and climbing on the playground equipment. That was so easy to do once I became an adult. People get a bit nervous when they see an adult male hanging around the playground. Because of my kids, I can enjoy the exciting world of playgrounds again. I'm amazed by the advancements in playground equipment since I was a kid. The sets are more fun and safer. But my favorites remain the swings and slides. My kids love it when I get on the equipment with them. At times, I think I may have more fun than they do.

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  • Video Games 5 of 6
    pac man

    I grew up in the 80s with video game arcades and Artari 2600s. I consumed a steady diet of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Space Invaders, and Asteroids. I'm confident that my high score in Defender still stands to this day. But playing video games is a time-consuming endeavor and I could never fit it into my busy schedule as an adult. When my kids were old enough to be interested in video games, they reignited my interest. I bought an app for my iPad that allows me to play all of the video games from my childhood. Although my kids find the graphics to be subpar, they enjoy playing them and sharing a piece of my childhood.

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  • Cartoons 6 of 6

     We like to watch all of the DisneyXD shows and Cartoon Network 

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