7 Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Children's Education

With the new school year upon us, it’s important for fathers to make plans to get involved in their children’s education. Research has shown that dads who take an interest in their child’s education have a powerful positive impact on their achievement at school.

One of the simplest things you can do is read to your child’s class. Each year, I volunteer to be the mystery reader at my children’s schools. The kids love it because they get to hear new stories told in funny ways. The teachers love it because they can take a break and work on academic planning. I love it because I get to spend some time with my kids during the school day.

If you’re wondering how can you be active this school year, here are 7 easy ways that dads can get involved in your children’s education.

  • 7 Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved In Their Children’s Education 1 of 8
    7 Easy ways for dads to get involved education

    Click to read about the ways dads can get involved during the school year.

  • Meet your children’s teachers 2 of 8

    Early in the school year, visit your children's school and introduce yourself to their teachers. Some schools even have an official "Meet the Teacher Night." Take the opportunity to start building a partnership with the teachers. They will appreciate your support.

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  • Participate in Parent/Teacher Conferences 3 of 8
    parent teacher conference

    Each year, I attend my children's parent/teacher conference. The teachers are often confused when I attend without my wife. After the initial shock wears off, we have an involved discussion about my children's academic performance. I talk to the teachers about my kids' grades, behavior and social interactions. These meetings give me some insight into my children's personalities at school. They also allow my show that I'm fully involved in my children's education.

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  • Help your children with their homework 4 of 8
    dad reading

    Homework is a touchy subject (read Banning Homework is a Big Mistake), but it remains a fact of life. Helping your children with their homework allows you to know what they're learning in the classroom. It also gives you topics to discuss with the teacher during conferences. I view homework time as bonding time with my children. Each night we have an hour of uninterrupted time to compelte school assignments, talk about their day, and hang out together.

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  • Have lunch with your kids 5 of 8
    school lunch cafeteria

    I try to have lunch with my children several times during the school year. They are always so happy to see me walk into the cafeteria. My kids' schools have special tables where parents can sit with their children and talk privately. Eating lunch with your child will give you the opportunity to meet their friends, talk to their teachers, and ensure that they are eating a healthy meal.

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  • Attend school assemblies and events 6 of 8
    school assembly

    Schools have several programs and assemblies throughout the academic year. Make plans to attend a few even if your child isn't a participant. The kids need your support and encouragement. If your child is participating in the program it is even more important that you attend. Your child will feel loved when she looks into the audience and sees your smiling face.

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  • Volunteer at your child’s school 7 of 8
    volunteer school

    There are many opportunities to volunteer at your child's school. You can reshelve books in the library, tutor children, help to organize events, or participate in the PTO. Volunteering doesn't have to be a huge time commitment. One hour a week is enough to make a difference. Not only will your child benefit from your actions, but you will be personally fulfilled by helping others. 

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  • Encourage them to learn everywhere 8 of 8
    father son outdoors

    One of the most important thing you can teach your children is that learning is not restricted to the school building. Learning happens everywhere. Foster in them a love for learning by making every moment a teachable moment. Read books together, explore the forest, go to museums and concerts. But the best thing you can do to encourage your children to be lifelong learners is by being one yourself.

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