7 Fun and Easy Halloween Costumes for Dads


I like to dress up in costumes. Sometimes I think I have more fun on Halloween than my kids do. Over the years, I’ve donned several costumes including a pirate, a vampire, Zorro, Morpheus from the Matrix, and Batman. Each Halloween, I like to create costumes from things I have around the house.

If you’re a dad who likes to dress up for Halloween (or any other time), here are 7 fun and easy Halloween costume ideas.


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    7 fun and easy halloween costumes for dads

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  • Nick Fury 2 of 8
    nick fury mochadad

    Black pants, Black shirt, eye patch, leather jacket.

  • Green Lantern 3 of 8

    Green Lantern T-Shirt, Toy Green Lantern Ring, Green Contacts.

  • The Crow 4 of 8
    the crow mochadad

    Black pants, black shirt, leather jacket, face make up, wig.

  • Cowboy 5 of 8

    Cowboy hat, western shirt, jeans, cowboy boots.

  • MMA Fighter 6 of 8
    mocha dad mma elite 7

    MMA gloves, athletic shorts, T-shirt (preferably with skulls).

  • Hipster 7 of 8
    mochadad hipster

    Large rimmed glasses, scarf, hat.

  • Disco Dancer 8 of 8

    Wig, white suit, paisley shirt.


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