A Daddy-Daughter Date to the Humane Society

With Casey and Vivi gone to Utah this last weekend, Addie and I got a Saturday to hang out together. No one-year-old schedules to worry about. No wife wanting to look at clothes, containers, or baby products at the local stores. Just me and Addie all the live long day.

I decided to take Addie on a little daddy-daughter date, kind of like the one I took Vivi on a few weekends ago.

Addie and I both got up fairly early and had an average Saturday breakfast and we then headed to the gym. I went to work off my extra layer of padding and Addie went to the gym’s Jungle Club where she played several games and made crafts.  She also got to play on the outside playground, which is one of her favorite things to do.

After we left the gym I decided to take Addie to a place where we’ve never gone without Casey: The Humane Society of Indianapolis. There were two reasons I decided to go to the Humane Society. First, was my failed attempt to convince Casey to let me adopt a dog. The other reason was to throw Addie off track of what I had in store for the day.

Addie and I have a little unintentional game we play where I try to convince Addie that we have to go to the store somewhere when Casey is gone and somehow we magically end up at the movie theater. Addie caught on after the fifth time of following that pattern and our last few daddy-daughter dates haven’t been much of a surprise to her. In fact, she’s kind of gotten spoiled to where she expects to go to a movie with me whenever Casey is gone.  I thought going to the Humane Society would be a good way of tricking her into thinking we weren’t going to go to a movie that day.

We headed across town to the Indianapolis Humane Society. Once we arrived, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of going to the Humane Society with Addie before. As I followed her around from cat room to cat room, I could see just how happy these little furry balls of stink make her. (Anyone who has been around after Wink goes to the bathroom knows why I call them furry balls of stink.) She was able to play with kittens, grown cats, white cats, colored cats and biting cats. Yep, Addie found the biter.

We probably spent two hours at the Humane Society just wandering around looking at animals. We were there long enough that Addie had completely forgotten about lunch. An Addie who forgets to ask about eating when we’re out and about is a very distracted and happy Addie.

Next time Casey leaves me with Addie for a weekend, Addie and I are definitely taking a trip back to the humane society again.

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my underwhelming cell phone camera:

  • Roxy 1 of 9
    This is Roxy. She's a three-year-old, very playful white cat.
  • Gwenyth 2 of 9
    This is Gwenyth. She's a two-year-old domestic short hair cat.
  • Oliver 3 of 9
    This is Oliver. He's seriously the most loving cat I've ever been around. This guy was non-stop rubbing against our legs no matter what we were doing.
  • Mee Wow 4 of 9
    Mee Wow
    I think this is Mee Wow. His picture had been up on the Humane Society's website for quite some time, but it is now gone. He was a pretty handsome cat with a really long nose.
  • Copper’s Neighbor 5 of 9
    Copper's Neighbor
    I have no idea who this guy is. He was in the cell next to Copper (the dog I wanted to adopt). He has quite a bit of gray hair, but he looks like he'd be one trusty dog, so I decided to take a picture of him.
  • Milania 6 of 9
    Milania is a small one year old Siamese/mix cat. Addie really wanted to pull Milania out of her bed, but we decided to let her rest.
  • Meme 7 of 9
    Meme is a female cat with a mustache, and she apparently does not like other cats.
  • Copper 8 of 9
    I can't leave off the dog I so badly wanted to adopt.
  • Ripley 9 of 9
    I'm not going to make any friends with animal lovers with this comment, but this cat looks like a villain. If there was ever a cat that looked like it was plotting to take over the world, Ripley would be that cat.

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