A Trip to Utah, a Family Fight, and a Car Ride Interrupted by Puke

With our holiday season all over and the family finally back from our trip to Utah, I think I can label our trip a mixed bag. We had some success and we had a few hiccups along the way.

Our biggest concern with Christmas was the whole is Santa real questions that Addie raised several weeks before Christmas.  One of her friends had told her that Santa wasn’t real and Addie decided to believe her.

Casey convinced Addie to write Santa a letter asking if he was real.  Addie wrote the letter and put it in the mailbox.  Casey intercepted the letter and found that Addie had basically written that if Santa was real he would bring her an Ipad and several other things.  Sorry, but if I can’t have an Ipad Santa isn’t going to bring my 8-year-old kid an Ipad.

We did the best we could considering the circumstances.  Casey wrote Addie a letter in Santa’s handwriting explaining that he had Addie’s grandpa help built a doll bed and that he was fresh out of Ipads.

This is the Doll Bed and it is Amazing

The doll bed was the only gift Addie got from Santa on Christmas morning, but when we walked into our house after our trip to Utah Addie discovered several gifts under our Christmas tree that had presumably been left by Santa.  The kid’s mind was blown.  Those presents weren’t there when we left and there’s no way her parents could have sneaked back to Indiana to put them under the tree, which means the whole Santa isn’t real thing is no longer a concern.

Our few hiccups were caused by traveling between families.  Casey and I both wanted to spend time with our own families and that meant that we each had to spend a part of our holiday vacation away from family.  We also had another throw up episode on our drive between cities—those are never fun.  Vivi decided to throw-up in the middle of a steep canyon that is notorious for having ice and snow on the road.  The sides of the road were covered in piles of snow, which meant that stopping to clean Vivi wasn’t an option.  We all had to endure the smell of vomit for about 30 minutes as we headed to the nearest town as quickly as we could.

As has been the case in the past our holiday vacations can be more stressful than fun at times, but at the end of the day I got to watch my 8-year-old run around with her cousins and I got to see my 20-month old haver her first taste of snow.  Those are priceless moments that will become more and more rare.

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