Alicia Silverstone Spits in her Baby's Mouth [Video]

feeding a baby bird
Image source: ztock.xchng

So there I was taking a quick break from my work, browsing the news, and suddenly I’m assaulted by an image of Alicia Silverstone chewing and spitting food in her baby boy’s mouth like he was a baby bird.

I wanted to look away or stop the YouTube video (I’ll attach it below), but like passing a car crash on the highway, I just had to look. I’m trying to figure out how I feel about this. So far the best way I can put it is, “ewwww!”

Source: Silverstone’s public videos

As you may know this Clueless actress (I’m not insulting her; she was in the movie Clueless) is known for being a bit eccentric. Her son in this video, Bear Blu, yes, that’s his real name, doesn’t seem to mind, but did I mention, “ewwww!?”

What do you think? I’m no doctor, but this doesn’t seem very hygienic. I heard once that the human mouth is more dirty than a dog’s; which is scary, because I’ve seen where my dog’s mouth has been!

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