America's Love Affair with Controversy

Who else had never heard of the “mom wars” before TIME Magazine released its cover photo of a kid, who looks an awful lot like the kid on ABC’s Modern Family (maybe it’s just the pants), pretending to breast feed from his mother? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m sure there are other sheltered fathers out there who had never heard of the “mom wars” before today, but after all the media coverage that’s been given to TIME Magazine’s cover photo… there can’t be many people left in the dark.

In other words, TIME Magazine got exactly what it was looking for–lots and lots and lots of publicity. Obviously, their marketing department knew exactly what it was doing when it chose the headline “Are You Mom Enough?” America loves a good controversy, and sure enough, America bit. Hard.

What would Americans do without controversy? It almost seems at times like people are craving the next scandal – trying to find something, anything that can be considered controversial.

How else can you explain the rise of Kim Kardashian?  After all, she only got famous because of a certain “home video.”  (And we’re not talking about the type of home video shown on ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos either.)

The Octomom seems to keep popping up with a new problem each week and Americans continue to eat it up. Charlie Sheen has been “winning” in the name of America’s love of controversy.

Cher started her own controversy this week by claiming she wouldn’t breath the same air as Governor Romney if he is elected president–good luck with that one, Cher.  Donald Trump then inserted his hair piece and called Cher an average talent and a loser.

Rush Limbaugh?  He may be the king of controversy.  I’m not sure there is another person on the planet who has the ability to stir up the liberal base like Rush.  Oh wait. I forgot about Glenn Beck.

There is controversy everywhere and people love it.

I understand that the underlying social issues at the center of these controversies greatly affect certain portions of the population, but I don’t understand why American’s love to read inflammatory titled articles that serve the sole purpose of getting people riled up. Two major controversies occurred over the last two days–North Carolina’s amendment defining marriage as only being between a man and a woman, and TIME Magazine’s attempt to fan the flames of this “mom war.”

North Carolina’s amendment deserves the attention it is getting as a serious social issue that must be addressed. The controversially based mud flinging, sensationalization, and hate mongering from both sides, however, should be left on the sidelines where it belongs. These types of social issues should be addressed through reasoned discussions, legislation, and the court system. It should not be a surprise to anyone that people can and do have different views on the issue. My own views on the issue are divided between my religious views and my understanding of the legal analysis and how the Supreme Court would likely rule on such an amendment.

A supposed “mom war,” however, seems to pale in comparison to the importance of the definition of marriage. This imaginary war where moms apparently battle over who is parenting their kids appropriately, seems to be fed and harvested 100% by America’s interest in anything and everything controversial. Are moms who choose to breast feed their children until they look like they are the same age as the Modern Family kid really that interested in attacking moms who prefer to be done breast feeding when the child turns one? Or is it just the media’s understanding and fascination with altercation that made this “mom war” real?

This all leads me to wonder, what would American’s do with their extra time if they weren’t having a love affair with controversy?  I know what I would do — I’d eat more ice cream. Preferably with my kids.

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