And Then There Were Cousins


kids-cousins-familyI grew up knee-deep in cousins and extended family. Every holiday was a lesson in how tall I used to be while letting old people kiss my cheek and repeating myself but a little bit louder. It was the stuff of laughter and over the years it faded into the things of memory, moments remembered fondly and gone forever thanks to time and distance.

My boys have never known family like that. Their experiences have been smaller and fewer between. They have always been the only kids in attendance, which cut down on the laughter and greatly increased the tales of last times and when you weres. They enjoyed themselves, because being the only children present has great advantages, but they longed for the company of other kids. Thy longed for cousins.

And now, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, they have one. And he is wonderful.


This Thanksgiving weekend the boys met their new cousin for the very first time, and family memories have gone up a very big notch.

I’ll never forget when they were just this tall, and I will give them kisses accordingly.


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