Are the French Superior To Americans In Raising Kids?


The Wall Street Journal is back with another utterly annoying parenting article about how you’re doing it all wrong.

First it was Tiger Mom and her browbeat your children philosophy, and now it’s — as Greg over at Daddy Types so aptly put it — Le Tigre mom, who says French parents know the secret to drinking coffee in the evening while not being interrupted by their kids.

Or something like that. It was a difficult essay to read for all its “Do it the French way! But I hate the French, wink wink, so please buy my book because I’m an American like you! But I live in France. Viva America!” nonsensical hoop jumpery.

I’ll give the article one point of credit, however. Kids interrupt their parents far too often and their parents put up with that crap far too much. I’m not sure if you need a book about yuppy Parisian-American snobbery to help you put a stop to it, however. Or at least, not this one.


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