Being the Father of a Loyalist

I didn’t expect this phase to last long. In fact, each day when I come home from work I expect the phase to be over.  I imagine that I’ll walk into a house where both of my little girls prefer their mother. Instead, Casey kneeled down in the doorway of the house where Vivi had been staying while we were in New York and she watched as Vivi smiled and began to walk towards her. Vivi glanced to the side and saw me standing behind Casey. Her excitement increased and she ran right past her mother and into my arms.

With Addie, by the time she hit the 18 month mark she’d already decided that her mother was the favorite parent.  Here we are, only a couple weeks away from Vivi’s 18 month mark, and it is becoming increasingly clear who she prefers. And it isn’t her mother. If anything, the little 2 foot something Vivienne has become more loyal to me than ever before. Our recent vacation to Ohio gave us several great examples of Vivi’s loyalty to me.

When we were about to board our plane for the scenic air tour, I held Vivi as we walked out onto the tarmac to board our plane. The plane was just a four seater and one of the adults was going to have to climb into the back seat of the plane with the two little girls and the other was going to have to sit in the front with the pilot. Knowing that Vivi needed to keep calm through the flight, I decided to climb into the back of the plane where I could hold her throughout the tour.

I handed Vivi to Casey and the second I let go, Vivi went into full meltdown mode. The pilot, who was standing next to a screaming Vivi, had to have been rethinking his decision to let this kid on the flight. Once I got situated, Casey handed me a bawling Vivi, and Vivi climbed up onto my lap and went completely quiet. It was as if nothing had even happened.

Once we were airborne and it was clear to Vivi that we weren’t leaving the plane for a while, she slid over and sat on the seat between Addie and me where she remained silent through the tour.

Those types of instances are happening more and more often. One day during our Ohio trip, Vivi fell off a chair in our hotel room and she started cry. Casey quickly scooped her up and Vivi began looking around the room for me instead. Once she found me, she started shoving Casey away and demanded that I be the one to comfort her.  Another day, Casey took VIvi and Addie to the swimming pool. I showed up about ten minutes later. Vivi was in the pool, floating peacefully in Casey’s arms. I got in the pool and Casey handed Vivi to me. From that point on, whenever Casey came close to Vivi in the pool, Vivi would scream at the top of her lungs until Casey went away.

Vivi’s loyalty has grown to the point where if she hurts herself and I’m around, Casey waits for me to come over and pick her up because she knows it’s just going to make things worse if she tries to pick Vivi up.

I don’t know why Vivi has chosen me as her favorite parent. When I’m not around, Casey and Vivi get along fine But when I AM around, Casey has to watch out. Although it hurts Casey’s feelings not to be the favorite, I’m going to enjoy this phase for as long as Vivi will let it last.

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