Best of Dadding: Video Makes Us Better Parents

Him and Her.

You may have noticed. Things have changed around here.

And it’s freaking awesome.

In our last edition of the Best of Dadding, we discovered the bittersweet side of ourselves. This time, it’s all about the funny.

Check this out.

First up, welcome to Charlie and Andy of How To Be a Dad fame. Their H is for Hell sleep position post is a must read for anyone who has ever shared a bed with a baby. Those little blanket stealing back stabbing monkeys.

On the more serious side, Ron takes down the notion that boys are good at math and girls are, hey! Lucky!

I list a few cliches.

But the best of the week obviously belongs to Serge and his wife, Monica, who made probably the best parenting video ever recorded. Seriously, you have to go watch this.

Photo: In case it’s not obvious … here.

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