BREAKING: Students Shot At Ohio High School

Chardon High School

Several television networks are reporting that a suspect is in custody after a shooting inside an Ohio high school.

A Medevac helicopter was called in to transport at least one victim to a hospital and video footage shows a chaotic scene of SWAT teams and rescue vehicles along with many parents and guardians seeking information.

Early reports on The Chicago Tribune’s website indicated that a parent stated that his child had “called him from inside the high school. His son suggested that the shooting occurred in the cafeteria and that five shots had been fired.”

The town of Chardon, Ohio is about 30 miles east of Cleveland and there were an estimated 1100 students in the school at the time of the shooting which occurred at roughly 7:30 am Monday morning as students were reporting for the new week of classes.

The gunman in custody is reported to be a student from the school but further details weren’t available.

The most recent updates from The Chicago Tribune report that four people were injured. CNN is reporting that there was only one gunman involved, that the school is no longer under lock-down, and that students were to be released to their families very soon.

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