Conversations With A Three-year-old, Part 4

Violet, The Ice Cream Kid


Me: 40, bandana, cargo shorts, black Timberlands.

Violet: 3, pigtails, big smile.

Scene: Classroom decorated with construction paper flowers and alphabet letters. Tables and chairs are pushed to the sides of the room. Scattered about are a dozen or fifteen sleeping bags of various makes and models. Inside each is a quiet toddler, chillin’.

(Camera is attached to father’s head and so we see as he moves down a hall and opens a door slowly. We are in a pre-preschool daycare class room and the kids are flung about the room in their nap gear. Most do not move or seem to notice the intruder.)

Me: (I see one of the teachers and I wave. Hi! I don’t know what else to do, but I still feel kind of dumb. She points at a sleeping bag lump. I approach.)

Violet: (is resting her head on her hands and is quiet as a mouse, thinking something to herself, being so good/so cute. She spots someone approaching her in her corner)

Violet: (not whispering at all. Hollering, actually.) DAD-EEEE!

Me: Shhhhhhhhhhh! (Whispering) Hi, mama! How’s it going?

Violet: (kind of whispering) I sweeping!

Me: (whisper whisper) I know, I see! You’re all tucked in your sleeping bag with soccer balls on it, huh?

Violet: (Sort of whispering) Yeah, Daddeeee I sweeping!

Me: (hushed) Okay, are you ready to come with me? Mommy’s waiting with Henry in the car! Do you wanna go get some lunch?

Violet: (loud whisper) Okay daddeee I sweep now. Bye Bye.

Me: (aware of my massive herd of elephants in the room presence/nervous panicked whispering) Okay, I see! But, can we go the the car now? You don’t have to sleep anymore, okay?

Violet: (whisperish) Okay. (lays her head back down. To sleep, I guess)

Me: (whispering/doing weird move where I try and stand up and also disappear at the same time which must like like I’m crapping my pants to the nice teachers watching my shenanigans)  Hey kiddo, do you want to come with Daddy now?

Violet: (talking into her sleeping bag) Okay, bye-bye Dadeee. I sweep.

Me: (whispering/not whispering/I don’t even know; Please God… I’m gonna break out the big guns here! Help me out!) Hey Violet, you wanna go get some ice cream with Daddy?

Violet: (bolts up from sleeping bag and heads toward the door) Okay!

Me: (startled, I start to wrap bag up/ teacher signals to leave it/waves bye) Hey Violet, say goodbye to your friends and Ms. Stephanie!

Violet: (passing through the exit door) Bye Fwends!

Me: (shut door quietly behind us) How was school, kiddo?

Violet: I know Daddeee! Lets go get some ice cream!

(camera back-rushes down the stairs we are descending freezes on us one last second before it swishes around the corner and reverses fast down the hall, out into the street, and swiftly back up into the sky, the town spilling out across the screen beneath it. Fade to black.)

The End.


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