The Prodigal Dad Returns


My name is Whit and this is my second spin at Babble. You may recall my ramblings from the years I spent at Famecrawler, Strollerderby, and Droolicious, respectively. If not, go read a few of the 4,000+ posts that I wrote (seriously). I’ll wait.

You may be wondering what I’ve been doing since I was last lucky enough to grace the virtual pages of Babble, which is super convenient because that’s what I’m segueing into. It’s like you totally get me.

I’ve been dadding, and I’ve been writing about it. Basically, any website you can think of that features parenting or family travel has put my name on a check. It’s a living. But I started at Babble, and I’ll probably die at Babble (in about 60 years or so), and it seemed only fitting that I return to the warm embrace of where it all began. Circle of life and all that.

That covers my writing experience, but what about my parenting qualifications? You’re looking at them. Those are my boys in the photo. The picture was taken on the day of my sister’s wedding. They were the ring bearers, my wife was a bride’s maid, and I was the officiant.  As you can see, I am striking the pose of a father in his natural habitat. This is what dads do in the wild (where “the wild” equals a golf resort in Tucson, Arizona). This was moments before the big show started and I assumed the position for the obligatory pep talk and some thinly veiled warnings. I do dad stuff like that all the time. It’s my thing.

What the wonderful world of writing has allowed me is availability — an opportunity to be there that many other parents, especially dads, do not have. My youngest just started kindergarten and I was home with him every day leading up to it. I won’t lie, I cried a bit on the first day of school (which isn’t that odd, if you’ve seen me speak on parenting at various blogging conferences you know that I am prone to tears — also, cursing). I’ve put in an average of 50 hours per week for the past six years writing about life through a dad lens, but those hours have been spent in my pajamas and/or from city parks with Wi-Fi. That’s more than a fair trade, in my opinion, for the kind of paychecks people brag about.

I’m hoping that you will agree. I am thrilled to be a part of Dadding and the Babble community, and I look forward to the conversations to follow. Thanks for having me.

– Whit


Whit Honea can be found writing about whatever he feels like at his personal site Honea Express (Honea sounds like pony) and DadCentric. If you’re really bored you can follow him on the Twitter (his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of Babble or most rational people).