Disney's Planes: This Spot Really Flies


Disney's PlanesI have to admit, I was a little slow to warm to Disney’s Planes. Also, I’m sorry about that headline. I couldn’t help myself.

My reasons for remaining lukewarm were due mainly to some changes in terms of casting, and the idea of a film based on a Pixar movie that wasn’t a Pixar movie put the fear of direct-to-video in me—everyone knows how those work out.

Then information started coming in that peaked my interest, namely the casting of Top Gun stars Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer as Echo and Bravo, respectively. Suddenly I realized that Disney was serious about reaching the skies above Cars Land, and that I better pay attention or I might miss my flight.

Today Disney released this new spot for Planes featuring music by the film’s composer Mark Mancina, and I am officially excited. It looks (and sounds) fantastic.

Disney’s Planes opens August 9. Are you going to be on board?

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