"Don't Say Gay" Video Kids Are My Heroes


OK, the kids and their parents. By now you’ve probably seen this video — it’s been making the rounds all over the YouFaces, but I wanted to share it again to say, 1. kudos to the parents for raising some seriously awesome kids, and 2. well done, boys, well done.

It’s a short, simple video with a powerful … punch. I can’t stand when I hear kids use the word gay as a pejorative. “This is gay, that is gay, everything is gay gay.” As the video says, it is mean, and it is offensive. Would you use any other group of people to say something is not to your liking? Of course not. But it’s such a popular saying that I don’t think many people stop to think about it, so to have kids talking to kids on a level they can relate to, that seems like the building block for some serious change down the line. I like it.

Here you go:


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