Finally: My Kid has Fallen in Love with Harry Potter

My kid finally fell in love with the Harry Potter seriesSeveral years ago, when Casey and I had only been married for a short while, a movie came into theaters that people were flocking to and waiting in line to see. I had no idea what the big deal was about the movie. I had no idea who this Harry Potter kid was and why so many people were interested in him. My mom and my nephew were stoked to go to the movie together and my mom called to tell me all about it, but I still had no idea why people were so excited.

When the movie finally came out on DVD, I rented it and gave it a shot and still didn’t know why everyone was fascinated with this Harry Potter character. Same story happened with the second movie and then again with the third movie.

By the time the fourth and fifth movies came out, I decided against my better judgment to give the books a try and wow. It’s hard to compare the books to another series or to another author, because as I think back to the books I wasn’t overly fascinated with the quality of writing like I am with a Stephen King book or with the cleverness of the stories involved, but when the whole series is taken as a whole the Harry Potter series is pretty fascinating. I’ve now read the books two or three times and I’m excited to start them again here in a few months.

Addie reads a lot of books and watches a lot of shows that make me believe that the Harry Potter series and movies are right up her alley, but she has refused to give them a try. Her main reason for not wanting to try the Harry Potter series? Because I wanted her to try the Harry Potter series.

It’s been a two year struggle to get her to try Harry Potter and every time she has absolutely refused to even give the books or the movies a chance.

Last weekend, there was a Harry Potter marathon playing on one of our channels on our TV. Addie turned the TV to that and I didn’t say anything as she sat there and watched part of the fourth Harry Potter movie. Ten minutes passed, then fifteen minutes, then thirty minutes. I left the room to put Vivi down for a nap and then came back into the TV room to take a nap of my own. Addie asked me if she could finish the Harry Potter movie while I napped, and then I knew that I had her hooked.

The kid has watched the first 4 Harry Potter movies over the past 4 or 5 days. She’s now constantly asking me if she can move onto the next movie. She can also be found running around the house with a pretend magic wand and a cape as she casts various spells that she’s heard in the movies. And that’s why I so badly wanted her to get hooked on Harry Potter.

Her childhood should be filled with moments where she gets to use her imagination and there isn’t much more imaginative than pretending to be Harry Potter. I also want her to have the experience of reading a book and then watching a movie only to realize that the books are always better than the movie (that’s been true for me in all cases except for The God Father). I want this kid’s fascination for reading to continue on into adulthood and learning how entertaining books can be over movies and TV is the way to do it.

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