Halloween 2012: A Witch, A Black Cat, and a Promise Fulfilled

Phew, it has been a long but good weekend. In fact, the weekend was so good that I still haven’t had a chance to let everyone know how I did on the ol’ I’m gonna be a better father by dressing up for Halloween vow.

The first thing I learned about my newly found desire to be one of those dads who dresses up for Halloween with his kids is that it takes a bit more preparation than waking up the morning of Halloween and thinking, oh crap, I was going to dress up for Halloween and I have no idea what I’m going to be or where I’m going to get a costume on the morning of Halloween.

Both Casey and Addie were a bit shocked by my revelation that I had decided to dress up for Halloween, and Addie had gotten pretty excited about it. She reminded me almost daily that she was going to have me dress up in one of those pink bunny costumes like you see on The Christmas Story. Typical me, however, nodded my head and went about my day as if I still had several months before it came time to make plans for Halloween.

I went to work Halloween morning just like any other morning and came home with my ready-made excuses as to why I wouldn’t be following through on my promise for Halloween this year. Before the excuses came flying out of my mouth, Casey stepped in with my Doofennshmirtz costume from last year and told me to get changed.

Aside from Vivi’s mid-trick-or-treat meltdown and everyone thinking I was dressed as some kind of surgeon, we all had a really good Halloween this year.

Here is some evidence that I followed through with my promise:

  • Black Kitty 1 of 12
    Black Kitty
    Casey decided that Vivi would go as a black kitty for Halloween.
  • A Purple Broomed Witch 2 of 12
    A Purple Broomed Witch
    Addie decided to go as a witch for Halloween. I'm still wondering why she didn't paint her face green.
  • Loose Cat 3 of 12
    Loose Cat
    Vivi's favorite part of Halloween was playing in the backyard as Casey took pictures of her and Addie.
  • A Witch and Her Cat 4 of 12
    A Witch and Her Cat
    The whole idea to have Vivi be a black cat for Halloween was because Addie, the witch, needed her own black cat.
  • More of a Witch and Her Cat 5 of 12
    More of a Witch and Her Cat
    Here's a shot from the front of both them just before we went trick-or-treating.
  • Trick-or-Treat 6 of 12
    Vivi was far more interested in the geese that kept flying by than candy being handed out by strangers.
  • Puppy Basket 7 of 12
    Puppy Basket
    Vivi used Addie's old puppy basket as her Halloween basket. Addie used that bucket several years ago on one of her first times trick-or-treating.
  • GEESE! 8 of 12
    More proof of Vivi's fascination with geese.
  • About to Leave 9 of 12
    About to Leave
    Here Addie is pretty anxious to get out and trick-or-treat.
  • A Sad Witch 10 of 12
    A Sad Witch
    I'm not sure what the story is behind this picture, but I thought it was funny. It was taken sometime before Halloween.
  • Casey’s Costume 11 of 12
    Casey's Costume
    Casey didn't go trick-or-treating with us, but she did dress up even though she had to make an appearance on a morning TV news station.
  • Proof 12 of 12
    Here's the only shot of me in my costume. I probably needed to carry Perry a bit more otherwise, I did look like a doctor.

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