Henry, So Far: The Kid Who Wanted To Make You Smile

Hank the Tank.

There is undoubtedly a bit of puffy-chested peacock strutting that comes along with every one of the infinite number of videos of little kids that modern parents spray all over the internet.

That’s natural, I think; it’s damn rare that any of us who isn’t the mom or dad of a certain baby or a certain toddler gets all that excited when we happen to encounter them in a slightly sappy home movie in which the kid drools and stares or maybe flings a Super Ball around or, more than likely, just sit there wiggling their stubby toes and probably pissing themselves as the family Nikon captures the ‘blessed’ moment.

That’s how it goes though and I’m starting to understand that there’s nothing wrong with all that.

Parents are supposed to be prouder of their own kids, right? Of course they are, and way more than anyone else could ever be. Moms and Dads deserve to coo and ahhh over ten second clips of their baby picking his nose for the first time, don’t they?

Down the last four years, since my daughter was born, my wife Monica has hurled herself  herself straight in to the video vortex over and over again and each time she shows me what she has done, how she has managed to splice and dice a whole lot of footage down into a more succinct tiny movie of one of our kids, I lose my shit and cry.

I don’t expect you to, obviously.

That isn’t the point at all.

Instead, I kind of hope that by showing you something like this video that Monica constructed of about our two year-old son Henry for her blog, you’ll end up remembering how cool life can be sometimes, even when it sucks so bad…even when it tears at our hearts and tries to eat them like drunk college kids diving down into a diner plate of fries.

Little kids have a way of smiling, a way of lighting up a room with enough light to illuminate a vast prison yard or a whole mountainside.

Parents revel in that, they feast upon it and it keeps them alive.

But there is always some spillover too, I reckon; there are always going to be some residual tiny smiles glancing off of a shop window or a rippled puddle or even ricocheting off of a video out there on the internet, making even complete strangers pause in the middle of their crazy day, if only for a second or two,  to smile back at the glass or the water or the screen.

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