JCPenney Does All Dads Proud with Gay Father's Day Ad


Oh JCPenney, I can’t quit you.

First I was all annoyed at your crappy lines of clothes for young girls and your ridiculous “math is hard” type T shirts. But then you go and hire Ellen DeGeneres as your celebrity spokesperson and then stand behind her even as homophobes raise their fists and shout that teh gays shouldn’t be the public faces of fashion. *snort*

And now you’ve gone and done it again, creating one of the sweetest Father’s Day ads that just happens to feature a gay couple and their adorable little mini models.

In just a few short months, I’ve changed my mind about you, JCP, and am thinking we need to go off to Wyoming, maybe go tent shopping or something. Because whatever you’re doing, I’m liking it.

Sure, you may get protests again from some people who think if you just ignore a class of society they will magically disappear and we’ll never have to talk about them again. But as a dad who is trying to raise a kid with the mindset that love is the most important thing, I appreciate that untold thousands of kids will see this ad and realize the fabric of society is a fabulous rainbow and that we should celebrate its incredible normalcy every now and then.

Mike Adamick writes at Cry It Out!


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