Lame: Writer Mocks People at the Gym

Article Author Mocks Gym AttendeesI read an article last week on Yahoo Sports about the most annoying people you’ll find at the gym.  After reading the title, I should have just moved on.  There was nothing positive in the title, but I thought it might be a title to try to bait people into clicking on the article.  Well, the author wasn’t baiting anybody.  He was just one of those arrogant gym junkies who thinks very highly of himself and makes people regret going to the gym in the first place.

This guy makes fun of pretty much everyone who goes to the gym except for those who are just like him.  Well, after reviewing his personal website, he probably just overlooks the fact that he fits into a few of the categories of people he likes to mock.  He makes fun of the people who come to the weight room with special equipment like gloves, straps, chalk, notebooks and bottles.  He claims these people are trying to compensate for something and calls them an “Accessorizer[s].”  He mocks the guys who wear the tight Under Armour shirts with bellies that are too big to be wearing such shirts and he suggests these people find girlfriends to help them shop for clothes.

The skinny guys who clearly are trying to learn how to use the weight room are also mocked and he refers to these people as “The Lost Boy.”  He claims “[t]he only thing [these guys seem] to know how to do well is drool while wandering around looking at Hoop Earring Girls.”  Don’t worry the larger sized individual is equally mocked by this author.  He suggests everyone give a “wide berth” to larger sized people and he refers to them as “The Earthquake.”

Couples who work out together are also open for mockery as are the women who are dedicated to being in great shape.  Oh, and don’t bother doing any circuit training either, that’s apparently not cool.

I’ve been a member of a gym for almost 7 years of my life now.  I do circuit training every day I go to the gym, and I bring straps on Saturdays and I wear gloves so I no longer get the dime sized callouses along the inside of my palms.  I’ve seen new guys show up to the gym wandering around hoping one of the more experienced guys or gals will give them a few pointers.  I’ve seen full-figured men and women in the gym working their hearts out trying to be as healthy as possible.

What I don’t see when I go to the gym are people like James Fell.  This guy probably spends 50% of his time at the gym watching other people while laughing to himself about how ridiculous everyone else in the world is.  I wonder if this guy has ever stopped to think about what other people think about him?  Most people I meet in the gym are there to train, to get healthy, to relieve stress, or to just be happier with life.  I haven’t met anyone else at the gym who is there for his/her own personal amusement at the expense of others.

Going to the gym is supposed to be a positive thing.  It’s disappointing that a guy who considers himself to be a strength and conditioning specialist and writes about fitness also promotes mocking those who are trying to make positive steps in their lives by going to the gym.

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