Lessons From Blogging: How Blogging Has Changed How I Approach Being a Parent

Parenting Lessons From BloggingIt has been almost a year and a half since my wife asked if I’d be interested in writing a blog for Babble. My side-job as a blogger for Babble began in April 2012, and since then I’ve written at least one post for each weekday that has come and gone throughout that time—that’s a lot of blog posts.

Even though my time blogging is relatively short compared to most bloggers, over that span I’ve learned a lot about being a parent and about the world of social media. I’ve also recognized some of the negatives that can result from blogging. For instance, does blogging about being a parent exploit the lives of children? Maybe.

Gradually I’ve noticed a change in how I view situations and events that have popped up in my life as a parent. For example, when Addie feared that Casey and I were getting a divorce because she overheard an argument we were having, one of the thoughts that ran through my mind was, excellent, I have something I can write about tonight. If I didn’t blog about being a parent that thought never would have run through my head. Instead, I’d just be worried about what affect our arguing was having on our children.

Similar thoughts arise all throughout my day as I see other parents with their kids, or as I see Casey with our kids. Everything that happens is now potentially blogging material. Is that a bad way to view the world?

As I’ve considered those questions, I’ve wondered how this will all affect Addie and Vivi when they are grown and I don’t think anyone really knows how it will affect their kids, because there isn’t a previous generation to look at as an example. At this point we just have to do the best we can and hope that our actions aren’t damaging our kids.

With all the negatives that may come with blogging about parenting, I can’t get past the many positives that come with it and how it has bettered my kids’ lives. Blogging has allowed me to recognize how important the little moments are to my kids. The simple act of going into Addie’s room at night to tuck her into bed may be just a little act, but for Addie it is tremendous display of love. That’s something I never would have recognized without blogging. The moments when I am short with my kids are easily recognized and as I write about those moments I think about what I can do to change my actions so I can be a better parent. It is also helpful to get advice and help from people who comment at the end of the blog posts. Reading different viewpoints from other people has been helpful and Casey and I have adjusted some of what we do as parents based on the advice readers have given us.

I have hundreds of similar examples where the lessons from blogging have helped me recognize that I’m doing something wrong as a parent and that I need to make an adjustment, so if at some point in the future either Addie or Vivi has a problem with what I have written about them, I’ll be okay with that because the positive effects greatly outweighed any of the negative effects.

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