Live Forever: Helping Out Two Really Cool Kids

Two nights of excellence.

There are a trillion things that are easy to write about, I will give you that much.

Most things, really.

I can float down almost any old 3AM alley with my penlight, just another dude stumbling around in the late darkness/ shining whatever AA battery juice I’ve got onto the dumpsters and rats and bums, hoping to somehow see them shining back at me in one or two ways no one else has seen.

I do my best/ that’s all I’ve got.

But then there are the things I can’t understand or even begin to understand because they are here, on this planet, true that; but they are heavier than the sun and damn near impossible to budge, man. To try and see them from some other angle, it’ll just wear you down and chop away at your breath, at your heart.

This story is like that.

I played for a lot of years in a rock’n’roll band and the one certain thing that I carried away from all that was the people. I met so many incredibly cool and sweet and passionate people during my decade in music, and even though these days I hardly see any of them, in a way, I still carry all of ’em with me, you know?  In some fashion or another, they’re always around. That’s the legacy of good people, I guess.

So then. I recently heard that two lovely Jersey/ NYC ladies who I have known a long time, but who hadn’t seen in a while, Billie Jo and Jamie, had lost someone extremely close to them. Back at Christmastime, their friend Lucinda, a wonderful loving mother of two teenagers, decided, for reasons that are always difficult to decipher, that things would be better off if she walked down off the stage.

And sadly, tragically, she did.

By the time 2012 rolled up into the frigid Times Square night, Lucinda was a few days gone, having taken her own life. And  Michael, 17, and Katelyn, 13, were left behind, without their mom.

That’s where Jamie stepped in.

Lucinda’s really close friend took Michael and Katelyn ( and their best buddy, Spike the Schnauzer) into her small apartment/ into her home. And four months later, they remain there even now, living their lives/ being a family/ keeping their hopes and dreams and even their grades up, despite all that they have been put through.

They tell me that Lucinda was a massive fan of music , her love of bands like Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers and Barenaked Ladies taking her to countless live shows where she was always quick to befriend musicians and fellow fans. Her musical passion was a bright-burning torch she proudly handed down to her kids, too. Today, they are both really rabid fans of so much music that like most people with wide-open/free-ranging/artistic tastes: they are hard to pin down.

But I ‘ll give it an old coot’s shot: Blur/ Pulp/ Oasis (Katelyn) and Radiohead/ Animal Collective/ Refused/ Joy Division (Michael). And yeah, that’s just the tip of a skyscraper iceberg, really. I’d say they are into the good stuff, though.

Look, this story is a rough one and I know it, but there is galaxy of love here, and no small amount of strength or optimism either, which says a lot about the people involved, don’t you think?

There are two really young people here who have had to scrape their cups against the very dregs of utter loss, while at the same time they’ve been buzzing around the very high heights of love. All of this: unexpected and swift. Yet, there’s all this living to be done and things are just getting started.

These days Michael, a high school junior,and Katelyn, a 7th grader, are both in deep and serious rehearsals with their NYC School Of Rock band mates for the huge Radiohead vs Muse public concert coming up in a couple of weeks.

It’s all a testament to heart and soul, it seems to me.

The song is the thing.

The show must go on.

And so this coming Sunday and Monday, at NYC rock’n’roll mecca Bowery Electric, a whole slew of incredible bands and musicians and friends and fans are converging in Manhattan to help celebrate and remember Lucinda, and to raise some much needed funds toward helping Michael and Katelyn out.


Please go if you can, and have a fabulous time with some of New York City’s best music/ some of her best people. There will be all sorts of auctions/prizes over the course of two nights and quite frankly, you never know who or what is going to show up when these kinds of events unfold.

And if you can’t go…YOU CAN STILL HELP! (Even small gifts are greatly appreciated because everything goes a long way to helping out some extraordinary people in their time of need)

Thanks so much.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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