My 20 Favorite Photos of Vivi From 2012

Another year has gone by and that means I have an entire year of photos of my two kids–many of which I’ve never even seen before. I’m definitely not the photographer in the family. Most of the photos that are taken I never know about because Casey can usually be found off the side with either her Cannon or her cellphone, snapping away at the moments of our lives. That’s a lot of moments.

Occasionally I’ll log into her Flickr account so I can take a look at the pictures that she’s taken throughout the year. I’ve been surprised several times at some of the photos she’s captured. I’m sure it’s the same with all parents, but I can look at pictures from different times of the year and remember exactly what was exciting about that time in our lives, and Vivi certainly made my family’s 2012 much more exciting.

Here are 20 of my favorite Vivi photos. They were all taken by Casey in 2012:

  • Sunny Vivi 1 of 20
    Sunny Vivi
    This may seem like the impression of an exaggerating parent, but Vivi gives us moments just like this on a daily basis. She's a pretty happy kid most of the time.
  • Vivi’s 1st Birthday 2 of 20
    Vivi's 1st Birthday
    This was Vivi's first crack at cake and she wasn't much of a fan. She was a big fan of people singing happy birthday to her though.
  • Bunny 3 of 20
    Bunny, or munny as Vivi's calls him, can usually be found in Vivi's arms or lying on the floor somewhere within 5 feet of Vivi.
  • Vivi Learns to Swing 4 of 20
    Vivi Learns to Swing
    Vivi learned that she loves to swing and Addie learned that she loves to push Vivi in swings. A win/win for both of them.
  • Vivi and Chairs 5 of 20
    Vivi and Chairs
    Vivi hasn't found a chair she hasn't wanted to climb. She's gotten pretty good at climbing the various chairs in our house and it usually ends well but occasionally Vivi learns a lesson about being cautious.
  • Vivi Visits Grandpa 6 of 20
    Vivi Visits Grandpa
    Vivi visited her grandparents several times in 2012 and she developed a special relationship with her Grandpa Fish.
  • Yoga 7 of 20
    I don't know where Vivi learned this little trick, but she does some kind of yoga trick each day. This headstand thing she's doing was eventually modified. She now puts her hands between her legs and rests her weight on her head.
  • Addie and Vivi 8 of 20
    Addie and Vivi
    One of Addie's favorite things to do is to play in the rain. Here Addie passes on her love of the rain to Vivi.
  • Reading Partners 9 of 20
    Reading Partners
    Vivi loves it when people read her books, especially if those books are Dr. Seuss books. Addie loves to read, so those two can be found pretty regularly reading books together.
  • Summer Fun 10 of 20
    Summer Fun
    Addie and Casey put together a giant water bag and Addie and Vivi spent an afternoon playing together out under the sun.
  • Vivi and Wink 11 of 20
    Vivi and Wink
    Vivi and Wink have a unique relationship. Neither like to touch each other, but they can often be found within only a few feet of each other.
  • Vivi Walks 12 of 20
    Vivi Walks
    Vivi spent the first week after she turned 1 years old in daycare. She was the only 1 year old who couldn't walk at daycare. That wasn't going to fly for Vivi, so after her first day in daycare, Vivi came home and learned to walk.
  • Chalk 13 of 20
    Addie and Vivi spent hours outside playing with chalk while Casey and I were on our cruise. My mom, who watched Vivi and Addie while we were gone, was worried we would be mad because Vivi had developed a pretty nice tan for a toddler.
  • Vivi Toss 14 of 20
    Vivi Toss
    Vivi learned about how to have fun. She loves to be thrown in the air, and she loves to jump off couches into my arms.
  • Vivi Bath 15 of 20
    Vivi Bath
    Vivi went from loving baths to hating baths back to loving baths all within a year's time.
  • Sisters 16 of 20
    It's difficult to describe how much love these two little girls have for each other. When Addie gets home from school, Vivi and Addie run to each other as soon as Addie gets off the bus.
  • Vivi Sleep 17 of 20
    Vivi Sleep
    Vivi has become a sleeping master. She even asks to take a nap and she tells us when she wants to go to bed.
  • Playground 18 of 20
    Vivi and Addie both learned what a teeter totter was this year. Those things were staples back when I was a kid.
  • Vivi Grows Teeth 19 of 20
    Vivi Grows Teeth
    Vivi now has most of her teeth and she's now a full-grown toddler.
  • Vivi and Me 20 of 20
    Vivi and Me
    Vivi and I can usually be found together walking along just like in this photo. Being the favorite parent is one of my favorite things about Vivi.

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