My Love of Ice Cream and A Terribly Unhealthy Ice Cream Shop

The Most Unhealthy Ice Cream ShopA new ice cream shop opened recently in the small town where we live. Casey, Addie, and Vivi have been to this ice cream shop several times since it opened and Addie is hooked on the shop. Me? I’m a little disgusted with the ice cream shop, and not because of how the ice cream tastes.

I love ice cream. It’s the kryptonite to any diet that I’m on. It’s so difficult for me to stay away from ice cream that for a few years I had a rule in the house that Casey wasn’t allowed to buy ice cream that I liked—which really narrowed the types of ice cream Casey could buy because I love almost all ice cream.

When I was a kid, my family used to have all kinds of ice cream in our freezers. Yes, that’s freezers as in multiple freezers. My dad had his favorite kinds of ice cream and my siblings and I had our favorites as well. Each night after dinner, my dad and I would get a bowl of ice cream. And by bowl, I mean full-sized bowl that I would use in the mornings for cereal. My dad and I would load our bowls until they were both heaping with ice cream, and that happened every night.

Eating that much ice cream is terribly unhealthy, but I was young and I could eat pretty much anything I wanted to whenever I wanted to and my body fat percentage would stay at about 5%. My dad’s body fat percentage? Well, he wasn’t so lucky.

Those years of eating all that ice cream got me hooked on ice cream. It’s my number one desert and if given the choice between giving up ice cream for four months and getting my body fat percentage down to 5% again, or eating ice cream twice per week and letting my body fat percentage stay where it is now, I’ll choose eating the ice cream as often as possible every time.

Even though I am hopelessly addicted to ice cream, walking into this local ice cream shop caused me to silently gasp in disbelief. Such a place should not be legal—it’s a terribly unhealthy ice cream shop. What I saw were bowls stacked on a table that people got to choose from. The sizes were way too big, really way too big, and really way too big with a cone inside. Next there were several spouts coming out of the walls where people could serve themselves with different flavors of ice cream. Once people got through the row of ice cream spouts, customers are allowed to serve themselves all kinds of candy toppings and sugary sauces. At the end of the line everyone pays for their ice cream by the ounce.

There were lots of people in that ice cream shop when I made my first visit. Most of the people in the line filled their way too big bowls with ice cream and snacked on that ice cream by the spoonful as they moved through the line. When their bowls got too empty, they would just fill the bowl back up with a different flavor of ice cream, and it worked the same way with the candy toppings. People were downing those toppings like they wouldn’t be able to have candy ever again.

The amount of calories consumed by each person who bought ice cream at that shop had to be enormous and their excitement seemed to be unrivaled, and for the first time I vowed not to visit an ice cream shop again—or at least not very often.

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