My Wife, the Catless Lady

As I’ve mentioned before, I was not, NOT, a proponent of being a part owner to Casey’s two original cats, Chester and Bambi. Cats can be stinky and annoying… and did I mention that they’re annoying? Plus, a cat can’t be man’s best friend.  Heck, cats aren’t really anyone’s friend. Is there a more arrogant animal than a cat? But when all was said and done, I was married so Casey’s cats ended up living with us.

Fast forward several years and Casey started peppering conversations with the idea of getting new cats.  Again, cats can be stinky and annoying. (And most importantly, annoying.)  But again, I’m married so we ended up with two new cats—Wink and Percy.

Despite my convictions that this house didn’t need any cats, I knew that Casey’s mental and emotional side really needed a furry ball of stink to sit next to her as she tap, tap, taps away on her laptop. And nothing makes my wife sleep better than having a cat snuggled up against her side with its purr motor going full blast.

That’s really the reason we ended up with two cats instead of just the one cat. Wink only had one eye and as we watched him in the room full of cats at the Humane Society, it was obvious that he didn’t like being around humans. We figured Wink would be a dud when it came to the whole cat-in-a-lap need, but we wanted to save him from the untimely end he was sure to see had he remained at the Humane Society. Percy would be our sure thing cat. He was going to be the cat that was going to sit in my wife’s lap and sleep in our bed.

A funny thing has happened since we brought those two balls of stink home. Percy has been kind of a dud. Guy’s allergic to food. That’s not a typo. He’s allergic to food. But he has adopted Addie as his favorite human and he sleeps in her bed at night and all throughout the day. He jumps down off her bed minutes before she comes home from school so he can meet her at the door. Plus, he’s really good at catching spiders and I really, really hate spiders.

Wink has surprisingly turned into the lap cat. He doesn’t like kids very much and he tries to stay at least five feet out of their grasp  Even though my wife was the one who so badly wanted him, he has adopted me as his favorite human. Each night when I go to bed, Wink jumps up on top of me and curls up on my side and that’s where he’ll remain until my alarm goes off in the morning. When I get out of bed he follows me into the bathroom where I get ready in the morning. He lays down next to my feet as I brush my teeth and shave my face. He then follows me downstairs and lays next to my chair as I eat my cereal.

My wife was the one who so badly wanted cats and, ironically, she’s the one who ended up without a cat.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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