New Brave Trailer Gives Do-It-Yourself Dad Chills


Sweet, holy mother of … what? I have no words.

As a dad trying to raise a strong, confident girl in a media world saturated with images and messages of girls-as-sweet-cupcakes-on-the-sidelines, this new trailer for the movie Brave literally gave me chills.

If the movie ends up as awesome as this trailer, I’m willing to forgive Pixar for taking so long to finally put a girl in the lead role. (Although, as I’ve said before, I wonder why it’s taken so freaking long?)

As for this new trailer, I’m not usually a sound effects-catching type of person, despite my penchant for movie snobbery, but wow! They were really hard to miss in this.

It looks like the movie comes out in June and this made me really, really excited for it — can you tell?

Take a look and tell me what you think:

Photo: PixarTimes

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