New York City: The 3rd Time's the Charm (but So Were the 1st and 2nd)

Casey and I have stumbled on the opportunity to go to New York City together for the third time in our marriage. This little milestone is pretty significant to us considering why Casey initially decided the kid who worked at RadioShack was the one for her. (Psst, I’m the kid from RadioShack.)

When Casey and I first started dating, I had just barely gotten back from a trip to Rochester, New York to wrap up a lawsuit that had been outstanding there. And no, I was not wrapping up that lawsuit as one of the attorneys—I was one of the defendants and I was being sued for $500,000. In fact that little fact came up in my first conversation with Casey.  It went something like this:

Casey:  I’m the girl from Frederick’s of Hollywood — you wanna go out some time?

Me:  Sure, but which girl are you?

Casey: (insert awkward pause here) I’m the one with the red hair.

Me:  Okay, that’s what I thought.

Casey:  When do you want to go out?

Me:  It’ll have to be after this weekend because I have to go back to New York because I’m being sued there.

Casey: Okay, how about the next weekend?

We’ve told many people about that initial conversation and everyone wonders how in the world I ended up on a date with Casey after how many times I blew it in that one phone call. Then Casey tells them about our first date and how much worse it got and people are usually pretty shocked that we got to a second date.

Casey also likes to make fun of me for staring at her before I ever met her as I walked past Frederick’s of Hollywood on my way to RadioShack. The stares came long before I knew who she was and she talks about it like it was creepy. Was it creepy? Sure. But it got her to ask me on a date and eventually marry me despite an overly disappointing first conversation and first date. The point of the story? Stare at the ladies.

Back to the point of this whole post. On about our third date the topic of New York City came up and Casey told me she had never been to New York City. I had been to New York City once before and I loved every second of my visit—well, except for walking over those grates with the stinky steam. I told Casey that one day I’d take her to New York City, and she was sold on me. From that point on that girl was mine to lose.

I ended up fulfilling that promise in 2006 on a layover between Utah and Rochester, New York. Casey and I were headed on a law school tour so we could pick where in the United States we would live for the rest of our lives. We arrived in NYC at about 6 AM and we departed at about 5 PM. We walked that city during that layover like it was the last thing that we’d ever do. We walked by or through all of the major attractions starting at the World Trade Center site and ending at some place near Times Square.

The second time we went to New York City, I met up with Casey as she worked with one of her employers. We spent a couple nights that week together and part of one day. I spent the rest of the time on a solo quest to find the best pizza and cheesecake in New York, and I’m pretty sure I succeeded.

This third time will be pretty similar. I’ll meet Casey somewhere in New York and I’ll be left for one day on my own to do what I want to do while Casey works with an employer— maybe I should go on a cannoli quest. Then we’ll have a day to ourselves and we’ll create another fantastic memory in a fantastic city.

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