No Role Models: Why College Football Needs A Major Overhaul

Why College Football Needs a Major Overhaul
Les Miles

I’ve often written about my love of sports and about how sports stars should not be treated as role models and heroes.  That mantra seems to be even more applicable to college football than any other sport.  Just look at Johnny Manziel and all of the issues he’s had since winning the Heisman Trophy last year.

There are examples of good classy behavior like that exhibited by Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer, and I know there are many more examples of football coaches and players taking on positive roles in supporting the community and bettering the lives of those in need.  Unfortunately, however, there are many examples like LSU’s Jeremy Hill that makes me wonder if the world would be a better place if College football faded into the sunset and became a thing of the past.

Jeremy Hill is a running back who plays for the LSU Tigers.  Hill was in the process of serving a two year sentence on probation after he plead guilty to a charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.  Apparently, Hill had sex with a 14-year-old girl who was still in high school.

Being on probation usually means the defendant must be careful to comply with all the terms and conditions of probation or the defendant could face the possibility of going back to jail to serve a suspended jail sentence.  The terms and conditions of probation can mean anything from checking in with the probation officer at a designated time, to updating probation with a current address, and not drinking alcohol.  A lot of those little terms can be a little difficult to track and can sometimes cause a probation violation and a subsequent jail sentence.  What is common knowledge, however, is that any further criminal acts are violations of probation and almost always result in at least some jail time.

Back in April Jeremy Hill decided to get in a bar fight with another man.  I don’t know how many punches were thrown or who caused the fight, but on the short video that is available for the world to see Jeremy Hill sneaks up behind the man and punches the man in the back of the head as hard as he can.  The man crumples to the ground as Jeremy Hill stands over the top of him ready to throw more punches.

It’s a pretty bad scene, and surprise, punching another person in the back of the head is a crime.  Jeremy Hill is not a good person.  He should not be playing college football and he certainly should not be getting a free ride through college.  The kid needs to be taught about how to live in society without causing harm to others.  This is where I expect an institute of higher learning that is supposedly led by good decent people who have had success earlier in life and learned how to be decent people to step in and remove Jeremy Hill from the football program.

What happened instead?

Les Miles, LSU’s head football coach, and LSU decided to prove to all the college football fans out there that college football is 100% about winning and the money winning can bring.  College football at LSU is not about turning young men into responsibly and productive members of society, or teaching young men how to develop character.  LSU football is all about winning; ethics and basic human decency be damned.

Once a Louisiana judge decided that Jeremy Hill would not face any jail time for his bar brawl, Les Miles decided to let his team vote on whether Jeremy Hill could be reinstated to the team without having missed a single game of LSU football.  Not surprisingly, the young men Les Miles is supposed to be teaching decided to vote Jeremy Hill back onto the football team.  Nobody should be surprised that the team voted Jeremy Hill back on the team; After all, they’re a group of young men who are being taught about life by Les Miles, and he is certainly not any kind of role model I would want around any of my kids, or nephews, or nieces, or cousins.

Les Miles and LSU are perfect examples of why college football needs a major overhaul because it has certainly lost its way.

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