No Thanks: The Prom Season is not for Everyone

Why I Never Went to Prom
Casey and Chris Mann–that’s the closest thing we’ve got to a prom picture together.

Tis the season when we see limousines driving the streets and kids dressed up in their finest rented tuxes and expensive ball gown dresses. (Do girls wear ball gown dresses, or is that a thing of the past or was it ever a thing?) We learned the hard way a few years ago that we should never have a craving for Texas Roadhouse Grill during prom season or we could end up waiting to be seated for a few hours.

Casey and I have very different recollections of prom from our younger years. I’ve looked through Casey’s memory box and it’s full of those cheestastic photographs with the corny background and the teenagers striking wacky poses. This lady of mine went to a lot of dances during her high school years.

Me? I have two cheestastic photographs from my high school years.

The two dances I made it to in high school didn’t require me to ask a random girl. The first dance I went to was a dance where the girls asked the guys and I was asked by a girl three years younger than me to that dance. It was an awkward date because I really didn’t want to be on the date at all and it showed on my face and in my actions. It’s one of those moments I look back on and really regret how I acted and wish I could apologize.

The second dance I went was with a girl who was friends with other girls who were going to the dance with some of my friends. My friends arranged for me to take this girl to the dance and that took all the fear of doing the asking away.

Outside those two dances I didn’t make it to a single other school dance in my four years of school.

I always claimed I wasn’t into going to prom or any other school dances. My friends weren’t into going to prom, either and that made it work out for everyone. Instead of heading off to prom we gathered as a group of 10 to 15 teenagers at a local gym and played basketball until well into the morning hours.

Even though I loved playing basketball with my friends, that wasn’t the reason I chose not to go to high school dances. I’m an introvert who struggles with a few social anxiety issues and the thought of asking a girl to a dance made my skin turn pale and my forehead sweat. Asking a random girl to a dance was just too much for my socially stunted brain to handle. The thought of asking a girl to prom was like a Friday the 13th scary movie for my introverted mind. Consequently, I was never one of those kids who got to rent the limousine or dress up in a tux.

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