Not My Shrine

Addie has a certain style and she oozes that style no matter where she goes. By style, I am not merely referring to the ridiculous outfits she creates. I am referring to her need to make everything around her relate in someway to princesses, ponies, and colorful hand created pictures. Handmade cards and signs adorn the walls in her bedroom and are scattered throughout our house. In fact, at this very moment, Addie is shouting, “She is the daughter of Queen Isabella and that makes her Princess Sophie.” After shouting that statement, Addie ran to her bucket of princesses and pulled out a Princess Barbie wearing a pink princess gown. Princesses seem to pop up out of nowhere in this house.

My “style,” if you can call it that, involves a lot of University of Utah products and memorabilia. My closet is full of Utah shirts, ties and socks. My office has an eight foot by three foot University of Utah Pac-12 banner hanging from the wall, and a Utah shrine of sorts located on my bookshelf. It contains two books covering Utah’s undefeated seasons in 2004 and 2008, and a University of Utah Football Vault book. My most prized possession on the bookshelf is a wooden box that holds a one foot by one foot square of the artificial turf that comprised a portion of Utah’s home football field for the two years Utah went undefeated. The box also has an aerial picture of Rice Eccles Stadium signed by Utah’s head football coach, Kyle Whittingham.

I refer to my box of artificial turf as my lucky turf. I rub it before I go to court hearings and before I leave the office for the weekend—just in case I am in need of additional luck. I consider the lucky turf to be a good luck charm, similar to how athletes do not change their underwear or socks during a season. I even invite friends to come and rub my lucky turf when they are worried about their own hearings. The offer, however, is usually misinterpreted the first time it is made.

Back to Addie and her sense of style. At least four or five times a month, Addie will come to my office after she gets out of school. She has a bag of toys, books, crayons, movies and a laptop that she uses. She also loves to help my secretary make copies, do postage, and run errands throughout the office.

All of this should keep Addie pretty busy but somehow, the kid found a way to plaster my office with pictures of ponies, princesses, and castles.  Addie has turned my office, and my secretary’s office, into her own personal studio. I have several notes involving my wife, Valentine’s day, and princesses covering my walls. My secretary has several colored My Little Pony pictures taped to her walls. My Coca-Cola cans in the bottom of my cupboard have been rearranged so that each can holds a bracelet made from beads Addie left in my office. My paperclip jars both contain one continuance strand of paperclips each hooked together to form a necklace. My desk has a pink My Little Pony sitting prominently next to my computer screen. During meetings, my clients may be wondering if we are actually meeting in the office of a seven year old who is obsessed with princesses.

For the most part, knowing how important my Utah shrine is to me, Addie had left it alone. Then one day, I noticed that the autographed photograph of Rice Eccles Stadium had been replaced by a hand colored picture of a castle. Just like that, my lucky turf went from awesome football related memorabilia to the front lawn of a princess castle. I’m just waiting for the day when I walk into my office and see a large colored princess face taped over the Utah logo on my giant Utah banner.  At that point, the invasion will be over–I might as well place an “Addie” nameplate on the door.

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