One Dad's Confession: I Love MTV's Teen Mom

For years I thought reality TV was nothing but garbage. In my mind it was a way for TV producers to create low budget shows that bring big budget returns. In other words, all bottom line with no substance.

The first reality show I actually got excited about was Survivor. I thought the concept of dropping people off in the middle of nowhere to see who survives the longest was an interesting concept. Then I was disappointed when I learned that the people weren’t dropped off anywhere, but were instead fed, directed through stupid games, and told to vote each other off the island.

I didn’t make it past one episode of Survivor until I readopted my opinion of reality TV. However, I still believe that Survivor would be far better if a group of people were dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no assistance and the last person to tap out wins. Oh well, I’ve been wrong before. I was the guy who predicted that the Ipod (now Classic) would not succeed.

Despite my hate of reality TV, there is one reality TV show that has captured my heart. Alright, so maybe it hasn’t captured my heart, but it has completely captured my interest. I watch MTV’s Teen Mom almost religiously.

There I admitted it. I’m a football loving lawyer dad who loves Teen Mom. There is just something about the show that won’t let me stop watching. You want to know what’s more shameful? I watch it alone because Casey has no interest in the show.

The show is filled with teenage kids who have various personalities and who come from differing backgrounds. Some of these kids handle the challenges that come as a teenage parent well, and some, well, I’ll just say it’s hard to look away from a train wreck.

The train wreck aspect of the show isn’t the main reason I watch the show. Although I have to admit that I do enjoy the train wreck aspect of the show—at least for some of the more, um, snotty teens. For the teens who really are trying to become better people and good parents, I find myself silently rooting for them hoping that they take their circumstances and make something of themselves. I want them to become good parents and to have success in life. There’s something to recovering from one’s mistakes and having a second chance.

The other main reason I watch Teen Mom  is because it does a tremendous job of teaching teenagers why it is so important to adopt some form of birth control, regardless of whether it is abstinence, the pill, condoms or some other form of birth control. A form of birth control is a must for teenagers.

That’s because having a kid is hard. Really hard. It’s not at all like having cats, even if those cats are 20 pounds each. It’s not like having a dog, either.  Kids are difficult. With that difficult comes a lot of joy that largely overcomes the difficulties of being a parent, but there are some pretty significant difficulties. Difficulties that teenagers shouldn’t have to deal with as they struggle to figure out who they want to become in life.

I’m so sold on what Teen Mom teaches that I’m going to have Addie watch a few episodes before she starts dating.

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