Parenting Performance Review (VIDEO)


I don’t know of many parents that would be pleased to hear that their kid(s) would like to have a meeting and go over their job performance. We parents usually have enough guilt to travel to the sun and back. We can barely hear our grown kids say “I hate you” without our soul crumpling into a speck.

And that’s precisely why we made this video…

It’s obvious, to me at least, that I do an okay job but I would never kid myself about being the ultimate dad. If there were contests or spelling bees about being a great dad, I’d lose out to some fanny pack wearing mommy-dad. Hands down.

I’d like to be better. Maybe we should actually institute these employee reviews because let’s face it: we’re employees here and employee reviews are tough.

Thanks for your time. Hire me. The economy is rough right now.

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