Pass the Tissues: My Overly Emotional Daughter

cryingI’ve often written about Addie’s sensitivity and her inability to hide many of her emotions. She has always been very attuned to the needs of others. She gets happy when she’s around happy people, and she gets real down when situations are sad. She also gets upset when her days aren’t going the way that she thinks they should go.

Before this year, most of those emotions were displayed with pouty or happy faces. Sometimes those emotions resulted in tears or loud laughter. But now that Addie has reached the age of 9, that has changed. Those emotions are on display far more often with tears than with anything else. In fact, sometimes Addie sheds tears for no reason at all.

Last week Addie cried every day, multiple times a day. Why? I don’t know. Casey was sitting with Addie one night when Addie leaned over and told her, “Mom, I just had to have a good cry today.”

When I was a kid I never sat in my room and thought, huh, I sure could use a good cry today. It’s not something that I can really comprehend. I don’t understand the appeal of having a good cry.

The next day ended with Addie, surprise, crying. Why? She wanted to use our couch as a jungle gym and I told her that the couch was for sitting and relaxing. At first Addie was fine. She sat next to me on the couch as we watched a movie together. Thirty minutes later? My overly emotional daughter was in tears in her bedroom.

The next day Casey and Vivi were running late from an errand. Casey called and asked me if I would pick Addie up from school and take her to my office. I warned Casey that Addie wouldn’t be happy with that plan. Here’s the picture that I snapped when I told Addie about it:


Three minutes after that picture was taken, Addie ran upstairs and started to cry. She cried for about 10 minutes and then we headed off to the office. Sometime later that night, Addie started crying again and I have no idea why.

Out of genuine curiosity, when she was done, I asked her how often she cries. She told me that she didn’t know. So, I asked her how many times she cried that day, followed by the question of how many times she cried the day before. I wasn’t trying to be mean or to pick on her, I just wanted to know how often she was crying.

What happened? Well, she started crying.

The crying is happened so often that I think Casey is starting to worry about her ability to parent a girl who is going to enter adolescence soon. And if Casey is starting to get worried, how worried should I be?

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Article Posted 2 years Ago
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