Playtime: Vivi Practices Putting her Stuffies to Bed

Vivi Practices Putting her Stuffies to BedThe things kids pick up on are pretty incredible. Addie picked up on quite a bit of the standard stuff when she was a kid. She used to use the old TV remotes to walk around the house and pretend to have a conversation with someone on the telephone. I don’t know who she picked that trait up from, because all of her conversations seemed pretty shouty.

Addie also loved to walk around in Casey’s high-heels and that habit hasn’t stopped because she turned 8. There are many more things that Addie picked up on that have made Casey and I laugh over the years.

Vivi is going through that stage now. She plays with the TV remotes just like Addie and pretends that she’s having a conversation with someone, but her conversations aren’t nearly as shout-y. They’re more animated with lots of hand movements and shoulder shrugs. The kid is also pretty good at tricking strangers into giving her their cellphones and every time Casey and I cringe, because Vivi will not willingly give the cellphone back. The kid even tricked the local Best Buy salesman into giving her one of their demo cellphones that she could keep forever.

Recently Vivi has started playing with her toy babies and her toy bunnies. She’ll line them all up on the floor and grab blankets for each one of them. Then she’ll pick each up individually and rap them in a blanket and quietly rock them to sleep. Then she’ll take them one by one over to the fireplace where she’ll sit and hum to them for a few minutes. Each stuffy is then laid on the floor with their own blankets laid across their backs and given a light pat on the bum and are told to go, “night, night.”

When all of the stuffies have had a chance to be rocked to sleep and are laying on the floor in a little line, Vivi will plop herself down in the middle of them and sit silently for a few minutes before she starts the whole routine over again.  It’s as if she is practicing putting her stuffies to bed.


Vivi’s routine pretty much matches the routine Casey and I use when putting Vivi to bed. What we like the most about Vivi’s little game is that she is so tender with her stuffies. It means she considers the routine we use for her to be gentle and tender as well, and hopefully she’ll remember that when she’s grownup with kids of her own.

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