Potty Training: How a Toddler Bed Derailed Our Progress With Toddler Addie

A Toddler Bed Derailed our Potty Training Progress with a Toddler AddiePotty training was a life changing event for our family back when Addie was finally potty trained.  We had had as much as we could handle of the poopy diapers and expense that came with buying diapers each month.  Plus, potty training for Addie didn’t go as well as we had hoped it would and it nearly caused Casey to throw up her arms in frustration and give up.

Neither of us had had any experience potty training kids before when it came time to train Addie, so Casey searched the interwebs to figure out the best way to go about potty training.  Once she settled on a method she set about potty training Addie.  A few weeks later, Casey was back to the Internet to figure out a different way to potty train Addie.

It wasn’t that Addie was difficult to potty train; it was more that some methods work better for some kids than others.  I don’t remember how many different methods we tried, but we, and by we I mean Casey, found a method that worked with Addie and she became potty trained for about a week and then she wasn’t anymore.

Somewhere right before the potty training venture began, we converted Addie’s crib into a toddler bed and her toddler bed had safety bars attached near the ends so that Addie couldn’t just fall out of bed.  Addie was dinking around during nap time at the end of her first successful week being potty trained and she fell crotch first onto the safety bars on her bed.

Addie hit hard enough on the bed’s safety bars that she complained about pain for several days.  On her first trip to the bathroom after her fall, she associated the pain she was experiencing from the fall with going to the bathroom and she refused to use the bathroom again.

That was the end of Addie’s successful week of potty training.  For the next few weeks we kept expecting Addie to give in and start using the potty again, but it didn’t happen.  Having had enough, Casey deiced to take a day and force Addie to use the potty.  I was off to law school, so I don’t know what went down that day, but I came home from school and found Addie sobbing on the stairs and Casey sobbing while sitting on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.  They were both nearly broken from the day.

I don’t remember how much more time it took for Addie to get potty trained, but she eventually did and we never looked back—that is until we realized it was time to start working with Vivi using the potty.

With Addie’s experience fresh on our minds we haven’t put a lot of effort into potty training Vivi.  Partially because we’re both a little scared of what might happen and because VIvi’s still pretty young.  But we have tried to instill a fascination with using the potty with Vivi and, surprisingly, Vivi is starting to potty train herself.

The kid will stop mid stride and tell us she needs to use the potty.  We’ll laugh but allow her to climb on the potty and pretend to potty.  At least, we thought she was going to pretend to use the potty.  The kid has actually been pottying in the toilet—as in she’s potty training herself.  The other day as we were walking into the gym one evening, Vivi stopped mid step and gave me a panicked expression.  She told me she had to go potty and that she needed to get to a bathroom right then.  The next day at the gym, Vivi’s bunny came back with a potty sticker attached to it.  Vivi had asked the people working in the daycare center at the gym to let her use the potty and she actually peed in the potty.

Maybe Karma is making up with Vivi for all the grief we got with Addie.

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