Slow Train Coming: 15 Pictures of Spring for Parents With Cabin Fever

The joy of spring.
The joy of spring.

Ahhh, spring.

It does still exist, you know.

Springtime, that fickle short-lived beauty with her cool sunshiney eyes and her thick green grass tresses–you remember her, right? Just barely, huh? I know, I know.

But c’mom! Hang in there my friends! I swear to ya. Your long winter blahs will be history before you know it. Ms. Springtime is out there somewhere as we speak, and believe it or not, she’s got a map to your place tucked into the back pocket of her gardening jeans.

(Apparently though, she does not care much for the opinions of groundhogs.)

So, in the spirit of that wee but mighty sense of hope and optimism that remains in each of us after such a long bleak season, I offer you this: a photographic journey forward into the heart of warmer brighter days ahead. Because, YES, while it is true that we are certainly not out of the blustery woods just yet, the fact remains that we are inching ever so slowly toward those coveted milestones of longer days and warmer temps and and a living Earth waking up from what I consider to be a brutally excessive nap.

Let’s face facts. We are at our wits end. Our kids are ricocheting off the walls, and they pretty much haven’t breathed real outside air since Halloween night.

We need a reminder that things will be okay. We need a little splash of joyous life-affirming May right here, right damn now, in the middle of this murderous February.

For we are all in this together (except Australia…they are all at the beach as I write this), and there is light at the end of this God-forsaken tunnel.

I swear.

  • First Signs 1 of 15
    First Signs
    The sun will shine longer, the air will slowly warm up. And you can bet your last scoop of rock salt that kids will know that spring has arrived.
  • Outside 2 of 15
    The young among us will venture outside to stand in the new warmth while us adults, weary from the long cold winter, will stare kindly at the sun and whisper "Thank you!"
  • Let’s Ride! 3 of 15
    Let's Ride!
    Remember those bikes and trikes and Big Wheels all placed lovingly under the Christmas tree last year? Well, we will finally be able to remove them from the garage or the basement and drag them outside for their young riders to ride.
  • Old Haunts 4 of 15
    Old Haunts
    Old haunts that have been lost to us for so long are reborn in the first days of spring. Parks, beaches, ball fields, yards and playgrounds ... they will all call our names once again. What a great feeling reunion is.
  • Run, Run, Run! 5 of 15
    Run, Run, Run!
    Oh how awesome it feels to burst out of that back storm door into the yard or down those front steps onto the sidewalk and just run like crazy through the new spring day. And no, I'm not just talking about children here either.
  • Back In The World 6 of 15
    Back In The World
    For us parents, spring's first days feel like our spaceship has landed, huh? We are back on Earth, the hatch is cracked, and the smell of green grass and fresh air comes pouring in!
  • Rollin’ In The Grass 7 of 15
    Rollin' In The Grass
    When the grass starts turning green and becomes thick and soft, you can be sure that every kid for the next 500 miles will be dropping down and rolling in it... just because they finally can.
  • Simple Pleasures 8 of 15
    Simple Pleasures
    So many simple pleasures we have to give up when winter conquers the land, we will get them back with spring's return. Swing rides and slides and kicking plastic balls as far as we possibly can...that will all be ours once more. Oh how we missed them.
  • Soaking It In 9 of 15
    Soaking It In
    Kids know a good thing when they come across it. Being outside again and feeding the ducks at the park or sliding down the slide at the neighborhood playground will be plenty enough to make them really happy after such a long time being cooped up. And of course, there is always the possibility of ice cream, too.
  • April Smile 10 of 15
    April Smile
    In April, that's when we usually get our first stretch of a couple days here or there that show the promise of sun and warmth in the days to come. So, that's when we usually see that magical sort of smile on our kid's faces; I call it the April Smile. I can't hardly wait to see it again. (Note: you cannot get that smile from a kid in a tanning booth).
  • Growth Explosion 11 of 15
    Growth Explosion
    Our patience will pay off. It always does. The winter drags on and on but the days when life just explodes and grows all around us, they're just around the snowy bend.
  • Front Porch People 12 of 15
    Front Porch People
    I might seem difficult to envision, but we will once again wander out onto our front porches and our front stoops. And when we do it will be a tremendous triumph over gloom and slush and the blues.
  • The Return Of The Hose 13 of 15
    The Return Of The Hose
    Isn't it so funny to think about how badass it will be to be able to hook up our garden hoses again and use them? Think about that! We will water flowers and vegetables again! We're almost there. Trust me.
  • Bright Sunshiney Day 14 of 15
    Bright Sunshiney Day
    Early spring will give way to early summer in all of it's Earth-warming glory. It seems like that day will never happen, but it will.
  • 9 PM 15 of 15
    9 PM
    Friends, we have suffered long and hard together this past winter. But soon we will be standing on the freshly cut May grass, the 9 PM sun freshly dipped beyond the western horizon, our kids still clinging to the last streaks of daylight for all that they're worth. So hang tough...we're almost there.


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