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One of the biggest purchases for your baby is the stroller, riddled with safety, style, and status issues - as well as affordability, of course, considering some strollers climb above the $1,000 mark. The choices and questions are seemingly endless: How do you accommodate your newborn without wasting money on a short-lived purchase? What are the features you absolutely need? Are luxury strollers really worth it? Can you find a good stroller in the $100 range?

To make your search easier, Babble assembled and test-drove over 30 of the newest strollers - from lightweight umbrella strollers to all-terrain joggers - to find the best of the best for every budget, geographic location, and age group. Did we miss one? Nominate your favorite stroller here.

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Best Strollers: Bugaboo Bee



In true Bugaboo fashion, we were extremely impressed with the way the Bugaboo Bee handles effortlessly, maneuverable enough for one-handed steering. Plus the seat reclines all the way down and reverses, the canopy provides an incredible amount of coverage (so much that we usually only put it down halfway), and the storage basket is large enough for a decent-size diaper bag.

While it’s not the lightest lightweight stroller on the market (weighing around 25 pounds), and it’s not quite affordable (costing around $650), it’s actually a comparable alternative to the more expensive Bugaboo Cameleon. You won’t be able to handle as rough of terrain, and it isn’t quite as versatile as the Cameleon, but the Bugaboo Bee is compact enough to store in your trunk and flexible enough to last the duration of your child’s stroller-using years. We do wish it had a cup holder and bumper bar – especially considering the price – but we’d recommend the Bee anyway.

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    Just wondering about your thoughts of the city mini vs city mini gt? worth it?

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