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One of the biggest purchases for your baby is the stroller, riddled with safety, style, and status issues - as well as affordability, of course, considering some strollers climb above the $1,000 mark. The choices and questions are seemingly endless: How do you accommodate your newborn without wasting money on a short-lived purchase? What are the features you absolutely need? Are luxury strollers really worth it? Can you find a good stroller in the $100 range?

To make your search easier, Babble assembled and test-drove over 30 of the newest strollers - from lightweight umbrella strollers to all-terrain joggers - to find the best of the best for every budget, geographic location, and age group. Did we miss one? Nominate your favorite stroller here.

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READERS’ CHOICE | Kelty Kids Speedster Swivel-Deluxe

Best Strollers: Kelty Kids Speedster Swivel-Deluxe



If anyone knows sporty outdoor gear, it’s Kelty, and we’ve found their kids’ line (which has top-of-the-line baby carriers and strollers) fits the needs of active families. So it seems only natural that Kelty would have an all-terrain jogging stroller like their Speedster Swivel-Deluxe.

As the name suggests, this jogging stroller’s front wheel can be used in either a locked jogging mode or a maneuverable swivel mode, perfect for any type of activity. All of the tires – which includes two 16″ rear tires and one 12″ front tire – are filled with air, making them incredibly maneuverable on any type of terrain. And while the stroller folds quite compactly, we only have one complaint: In order to fully lock the stroller closed, you have to use a clamp on either side. Several of our testers had a difficult time closing the clamps; one person pinched their hand in the stroller’s frame because it wasn’t closed properly. Other than that, we thought it was a good, stable jogging stroller that performed well with a very reasonable price. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a bell on the stroller? The kids found that hilarious.

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