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Keeping it clean: Washing your new car is a rite of passage for buyers, and washing your car regularly will keep it looking in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

Wax your car. Your vehicle is warranted for several years, but the paint job is not. To protect the vehicle’s paint, you’ll need to wax your car each year.

Keep detailed service records. When selling or trading in a vehicle, a record book of service records along with receipts for repair jobs and new parts will go a long way to making the buyer feel more comfortable taking the keys to your car. Many online sites such as Driverside and even iTunes provide web-based tools to help you keep track your vehicle’s service, eliminating the need to keep paper notes.

Sign up for vehicle recalls. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration maintains a database of all vehicle recalls. Buyers can search the online database for existing recalls or sign up to receive email alerts for their vehicle model. Dealerships will also try to notify customers, but they may not have your latest address.

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One thought on “Babble Family Car-Buying Guide: Find the right vehicle while staying on budget

  1. Wayne says:

    thank you for the list! I don’t know how much we’ll be tvrealing thankfully the majority of our family lives within a 30 minute drive or soon will if they don’t but this will definitely be nice to reference if we do take a longer trip

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