Sales pitches to avoid

Swallowing your trade: Selling used cars can be very profitable for dealers, and many salespeople are motivated to give you a much lower price for your vehicle than it’s worth. Known as “swallowing the trade,” salespeople rely on customers being distracted with the excitement and purchase process of the new car to focus on whether or not they got a fair deal on the trade-in. This tactic doesn’t work that well when the consumer is educated about the value of their trade-in vehicle.

Pity party: Car salespeople will try to tug at buyer’s heartstrings to get them to close the deal. Salespeople are told to place their children’s artwork or photos of their families in clear view of their customers, according to automotive sales trainers. If a salesperson begins telling you stories about a wife needing surgery, you know you’re getting a hard sell, so try to avoid being emotionally swayed to pull the trigger immediately.

Rollbacks: Used primarily with buyers with poor credit, dealers will sometimes let prospective buyers go home with a vehicle before paperwork has been finalized. After a few days, the dealer will call the buyer and tell him or her that their loan has been rejected and try to sell them an expensive, high-interest loan. The dealership is counting on the buyer to be emotionally attached to the vehicle and too embarrassed to tell their friends and family why they had to return their new car. Buyers who have been pre-approved and are able to walk away from the dealer’s poor financing options are less likely to fall for that long-shot move.

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  1. Wayne says:

    thank you for the list! I don’t know how much we’ll be tvrealing thankfully the majority of our family lives within a 30 minute drive or soon will if they don’t but this will definitely be nice to reference if we do take a longer trip

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