The Best Dads In Ads Commercial Ever?


You’ve got to see this. Volkswagen nails it. The rest of the corporate world looking to make ads with dads should check this out and take notes.

This? Is how it’s done.

The ad is below, but in short, Volkswagen charts a father’s relationship with his little girl from the first drive home from the hospital to her first car after school. He is obviously an involved, caring dude who performs the every day tasks of fatherhood in a simple, natural, just-living-it way — something a lot of companies, and some dad blogs, should take note of.

You may notice at the end of the ad that the girl slips into the right side of the car to drive away, leaving me to believe this was for the British audience. Would that they bring this ad stateside soon, and would that every company get on board and treat dads with this sort of easy respect.

Warning: Find a tissue before you hit play.

Hat tip to the Good Men Project for finding this gem.

Photo: Adweek

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