The Best Holiday Gift of the Year: Water


That’s right, water.

Jonathan over at GeekDad, one of my favorite reads, did a great round up of the best toys of all time after the holidays last year — Stick, Box, Tube, who can argue with those? — and then followed it up this month just in time for the gift-giving season. No. 6 on the list of best toys for kids?


Argues Jonathan:

“It’s a necessary accessory for many other toys, like water guns, swimming pools, and sprinklers (yes, that’s a toy, too). Parents usually like to treat it as an outdoor toy, though the indoor version can be fun with the optional Tub. And though it’s often thought of as a summer toy, there are winter versions available, too: Snow and Ice (may not be available in all locations).”

We’ll have some more serious gift guides around here pretty soon, but you know, there is something to be said for these simple, natural, old-school free gifts for kids. My daughter would flip her lid if she opened a box and found dirt and a bottle of water. “Make whatever you want,” I’d tell her. Just do it outside.

(Photo: Flickr user steve.garner32 as featured at GeekDad.)

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