The Case Against Lego Friends: Exhibit 9,978


This has to be the best rebuttal to the whole Lego Friends debacle that I’ve ever seen.

Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency really picks apart how sexist the new toys are and points out that what Lego says girls have wanted all along — lots of role play — is already available in regular Lego. It’s just that the company spent years and years and millions upon millions of dollars marketing to kids that blocks are for boys.

But what I really like is the history of Lego’s attempts to capture a girl audience. While marketing regular building blocks to boys, Lego has on numerous occasions tried out Friends-ish leisure toys and even jewelry for girls. And now it’s back at it again.

Instead of creating all these ridiculous new lines for girls, lines that pigeonhole them into traditional roles that don’t really exist any more, why not just include them in the marketing campaigns for regular blocks? Check this out. I can’t wait for Part II.