The Great National Camping Week Dilemma


So apparently it’s National Camping Week soon, one of those fake holiday weeks Hallmark probably invented to sell … s’mores? Hmm, no, I guess that doesn’t make sense. Fishing Poles? Camping … cards?

Whatever. It’s camping week soon, and I got an email from the recreational vehicle lobby telling me to gorving, which, honestly, I thought was a disease. Then I added the .com at the end and had one of those a ha! moments.

“Ohhh, Go RV ing.”

Got it.

And of course this immediately raised a flag.

Is RVing … camping?

Certainly not in the tried and true Boy Scout sense of the idea, with the hauled tents and packed-in food, the tired legs and the curtain of sleepiness that somehow settles in on you at, say, 7 p.m., and has you lights out by 8. In an RV, which I’ve never camped in, I imagine people up drinking wine on cushy couches until midnight, maybe watching a 3D movie. Ahh, back to nature.

But there’s the rub. Again, I’ve never camped in one and am thinking it might actually make sense if you have kids, to have a cushier introduction to nature, instead of my usual 10-mile, Deet-slathered hikes.

What kind of camper are you? The bring-your-own-everything kind, or the go in an RV kind? I think no matter which side you’re on, we’d all agree that getting the family back to nature is the goal. I’m just curious about the differences and how kids enjoy them.

Mike Adamick writes at Cry It Out!

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