The Gubbermint: Dads Are Babysitters


I admit I get bent out of shape when people say my time with my daughter is “baby sitting.”

And it happens all. the. time.

While I’ve come to expect this from morons every now and then, I wasn’t expecting this from my very own government. But that’s exactly what the US Census considers dads: baby sitters.

Take a look at this post by Jenna Hatfield over at BlogHer. (Or this awesome take down by Jonathan Liu over at GeekDad.) In short, moms are considered the “designated parent” in the Census counts, and dads are considered the child care.

How did this happen?

As Jenna says, “If we want fathers to be involved, to do more than just create a child, then why do we keep telling that they are not just as vital to their kids’ lives as the mother?”


But what I’d like to know is: Does this mean I can now write off my entire existence? Because I’m definitely going to try that out this tax season.

Photo: From Jenna’s excellent post at BlogHer.

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