The Opposite of Being Seen But Not Heard

I’ve always worried about being too demanding in other people’s houses. Heck, it took 3-4 weeks before the executive assistants at my office finally convinced me to stop buying my own soda and to start drinking the soda in the office fridge.

I don’t even feel comfortable getting food out of my own kitchen whenever Casey has a group of girlfriends over for random occasions. That one may be a little more about social fears than anything, but I’ll go without food for days if it means I don’t have to make way through a gaggle of women.

Addie, on the other hand, has absolutely no problem making herself at home wherever she is. It’s really surprising that she has no problem making demands on other people and parents considering how shy she can act at times.

While Casey was in New York City for Blogher, I was at home alone with Addie and Vivi for what seemed like my umpteenth stretch this summer as a temporary single parent. This time, one of the other associates at my firm was also a temporary single parent. Once we realized we were both single parents for the weekend, he asked me to bring the girls over to his house for rib eye steaks and king crab. Pfft, who passes on an opportunity for rib eye steaks and king crab? Definitely not me.

So we all headed over to my co-worker’s house on Saturday night. Once we arrived, Addie stood behind me and refused to say hello to my friend and his children. Addie had her head buried in my shirt and that’s where it stayed for the next five minutes. However, she eventually warmed up and was off into that house like she owned the joint  At one point, she asked our host to fire up the grill so she could have a second hotdog. Once he finished cooking her second hotdog, she immediately asked if she could have a glass of milk—the water he had given her apparently wasn’t doing the trick. Later on, well after dinner, Addie came back upstairs and asked our host what we were having for dessert.

I bowed my head in embarrassment. Who were this kid’s parents?

A few days later, Addie spent the afternoon at a gracious neighbor’s house who stepped in to save the day after Casey’s flight home from New York City was canceled. When I picked up Addie, the neighbor was telling me how the sick Vivi was doing when Addie interrupted her to ask if the neighbor would rewind the show she was watching. Then, only minutes later, Addie asked the neighbor if she could stay for dinner.

Again, I bowed my head in embarrassment. I know it’s not good to assign negative traits to one parent or the other, but there is absolutely no way Addie got this trait/habit from me.

All you people out there who my family may visit in the future:  she didn’t get it from me, I swear.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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